A 2020 Guide to Spring Colors


As we get into the spring season, you may realize that your winter wardrobe doesn't quite fit the warmer weather and blooming flowers. If you want to refresh your closet and transform it into something suited for the season, you need to know the spring color palette for 2020. Find the perfect color to fill your wardrobe, or create a rainbow with every shade trending this season. Whatever you want for your outfits this spring, consult this 2020 guide to spring colors to help bring it to life.

Spring Color Palette for 2020

When it comes to spring colors in 2020 fashion, you have two general choices — pastels and brights. Either shade reflects the season, so you can choose the colors that fit your style and personality the best.

Pastels give your look a soft and romantic feel, great for early spring as flowers begin to bloom. They're perfect for more formal styles or any outfit you want to add subtle color to. Vivid colors are fun and full of personality. They're sure to draw attention to your ensemble and are ideal for casual looks. While you could pick types of colors from either hue, specific colors are more on-trend for spring 2020, including the following.

  • Coral: Pink and orange hues come together to create coral, which is back from last year's spring color trends. If you like the idea of wearing pink for spring, but want something more fun and vibrant than the pastel variety, choose coral.
  • Scarlet: If you've already gotten on board with the coral color trend, turn it up with an even more vivid shade. Scarlet is a warm red-orange color that's as striking as it is beautiful. It has a bit more richness than red, and you can pick a shade with more of an orange hue if it suits your look.
  • Honey-yellow: A sweeter side to the warm spring colors, honey-yellow is a more intense version of yellow trends from the past. You can also choose similar shades of yellow, like saffron or gold, that have a slight orange hue while still looking cheerful.
  • Pale green: Muted greens bring a neutral balance to the spring color trends in 2020. For a hue that fits with this year's trends, choose a pale green on the cool side. Seafoam and aqua green are vibrant versions, but pastel varieties are more versatile and just as fitting for the season.
  • Light purple: These colors bring a soft romantic touch to this year's spring color palette. You can choose cooler versions that have a lavender feel or warmer tones, like lilac, to add a fun, yet understated, shade to your spring colors.
  • Neutrals: Neutral colors are always on trend because they're so versatile, but for spring fashion, white and brown rule the 2020 trends. Cinnamon brown, in particular, brings a reddish warmth to the usual neutrals, while white makes a bright canvas for other spring colors.

Play around with the shades, going more vivid, more pastel or darker as you prefer, based on what you often wear.

How to Wear Fashion Color Trends in 2020

With those stylish colors in mind for spring 2020, how can you incorporate them into your wardrobe and outfits? The easiest way is to choose pieces in styles you usually wear with the twist of these spring colors, but you've got a lot of possibilities for the variety of shades. Try these fashionable options for the color trends of spring 2020.

1. Pair Them With Denim

Denim functions as a neutral in many outfits, and some consider lighter washes of denim to be a color fashion trend in 2020, so it's the perfect fit for an ensemble with popular colors for the season. You'll find plenty of denim styles that are ideal for spring, making it even easier to create seasonal outfits with:

  • Shorts
  • Bermuda shorts
  • Distressed styles
  • Skinny jeans

Pair your jeans or shorts with short-sleeved tops, three-quarter-sleeved tops, blouses or casual shirts in spring colors to create looks that are perfect for this time of year.


2. Combine 2020 Spring Colors

Combine 2020 Spring Colors

Why wear one spring trend color when you can combine multiple? Many of the popular colors for this season complement each other or create a lovely contrast, so play around and:

  • Combine a warm, trendy color with another warm color, like scarlet and honey-yellow.
  • Put multiple cool colors together, like pale green and light purple.
  • Create some contrast with a warm and cool color, like honey-yellow and light purple.
  • Choose one piece that combines multiple colors.

Afraid of overwhelming your outfit with too much color? With white and other neutrals on-trend, you can use those as the base of your look and add other shades. Pair a white top with a colorful skirt or neutral bottoms with a colorful top for a bit of balance instead of going all-out with color.

3. Go Formal With Your Colors

From Easter celebrations to springtime brunch with your friends, this season is perfect for formal styles. With warmer weather also comes a chance to break out your dresses or get new pieces for your wardrobe in spring color trends. Plenty of dresses will enhance that springtime feel, so consider styles like these:

Whether you get patterned dresses that combine multiple springtime colors or choose a solid color to fit the trend, these dresses are the perfect touch to your refreshed wardrobe.

4. Use Them in Accessories

Maybe the spring color palette for 2020 doesn't fit your usual style, but you still want to get in on the trends. Incorporate these colors as small accents in your outfit to keep your look and enhance it with pops of color. Accessories add some fun and whimsy to your spring outfit, and warmer weather makes it easier to add a variety of accents like these to your looks:

  • Earrings are a subtle place to include a color trend.
  • Hair ties and scrunchies can be even more understated, colorful additions.
  • Necklaces and bracelets help the trends stand out a bit more.
  • Purses give your outfit a functional pop of color that you can easily swap out or leave behind.
  • Shoes are other functional accessories that give your outfit a stylish look when you wear them in trendy colors.

Choose one spring shade to coordinate your accessories, or add several fun splashes of color for a vibrant and eye-catching style.

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