5 Ways to Wear Oversized Sweatshirts

5 Ways to Wear Oversized Sweatshirts

 We all know oversized sweatshirts are all anyone is wearing. With November being unbearably bitter and cold, an oversized sweatshirt is just what you need for a comfortable, cozy, and relaxed look. The oversized look gives it that “street-wear” style that can be a little tricky to style. There’s a fine line between cute grunge and just grunge, grunge. 


*If a sweatshirt doesn’t specify oversized, size up one or two sizes to get the correct, laid-back look* 


  • Sporty Girl Style

A few simple pieces are paired together for a pleasing silhouette and a ‘can-do’ essence about it. Grab your favorite leggings or yoga pants, sporty sneakers, and your oversized sweatshirt. To add a little extra trend, add some flared yoga pants. We prefer to pull our hair into a low, slicked ponytail and finish it off with a scrunchie

  • Preppy Girl Style

Plaid is such a big staple this fall so we figured we can’t forget to include them. Now, if the idea of a graphic sweatshirt and a busy plaid pattern stresses you out, you can still accomplish this style with a textured or plaid sweatshirt. We prefer pants that will balance out the baggier top. We are enjoying a slim fit, flare style, or even a classic skinny style. Depending on the pants will depend on the need for boots, shoes, or even clogs. Complete the look with an adorable claw clip. 

  • Girl Next Door Style

This one is so cute and such a simple addition. Grab a turtle neck and throw it on under your oversized sweatshirt. Striped, floral, or plain this look adds such a simple and dainty look. We love that it gives it a retro feel. Now, grab your distressed boyfriend-fit jeans and some mule or clog-style shoes to complete this fit.

  • Chic Girl Style

With this one, you don’t want a sweatshirt that’s too oversized because we’re going to layer it. This one mixes elegance and sophistication with just a touch of trend. Take your favorite graphic sweatshirt, and pair it with a trench or blazer-style coat. We like to grab jeans (in whatever style) to keep the look from getting too busy. Lastly, pair this look with some cute sneakers to add to the trendy-elegance look. 

  • Boho Girl Style/Trendy Girl Style

Okay, we are fully obsessed with this look. It’s unique, trendy, and so easily dressed up or down. We’re going to start with a dress- a fitted bodice and a flowy skirt seem to be what lays the best! We prefer a dress with a fun and bold pattern to add to the graphic sweatshirt. Now, either put a belt over the sweatshirt and pull it out until you get a perfectly cropped sweatshirt. Another option would be to put a bra on over your dress and tuck the sweatshirt into the bra. This will provide a perfect cropped look! If you want a dressy look, grab some booties, heels, or sneakers for a casual style. Don’t forget the gold jewelry to accessorize!