3 Back to School Must Haves

3 Back to School Must Haves

Ready or not, schools about to be back in session. Whether you’re counting down the days, or dreading that first day at least we get to go back in style. Here are three things that will level up your back to school wardrobe. The best part? They build on each other to help create multiple different outfits

  1. White or cream t-shirt or bodysuit. We prefer a bodysuit since it gives such an elevated look even if it’s just paired with basic jeans and a cute belt. But, if bodysuits aren’t you’re thing, a white t-shirt will do just fine. This white t-shirt is going to get you through every season, layer it when it gets cold, layer it under jumpsuits and overalls, wear it with trendy jeans for a retro look. The white t-shirt won’t fail you! 

  2. Trendy Pants, they can be jeans, linen, patterned, or just a trendy style you’ve been wanting to try. A trendy pair of jeans or cargo style pants can take your plain jane outfit to the next level, while keeping it neutral thanks to the denim. However, if you want patterns pair it with the white t-shirt we mentioned earlier. 

  3. Jumpsuits, Overalls & Rompers. Whatever you want to call them, they’re personally my favorite things to wear because they’re so easy while looking put together and ready for the day. Overalls & rompers are perfect to pair with that white top, or spruce it up with a patterned or graphic t-shirt. Changing the top can create a whole different vibe, a ruffled white top and overalls might create a girly, chic, look. But take the same overalls and pair it over a graphic t-shirt for a more casual, laid back look, both cute, and both trendy. 

With these three pieces you can easily integrate pieces you already have from your wardrobe and create an endless amount of styles and outfits. That’s what we love about having these three things, especially in a back to school wardrobe