MSC 2020 Fall Color Trend Report

2020 Fall Color Trend Report

Even though we've been in Fall Mode for weeks now, the season is OFFICIALLY here this week and we're so excited to be fully immersed in Fall fashion and styles. It's always so fun to break out the cozy sweaters, joggers, and to watch our stores change from vibrant summer colors to moody and warm fall tones. If you're looking at your fall wardrobe for this year and wondering what colors to add to it, here's the official MSC 2020 Fall Color Trend Report:

Forest Green

Forest Green For Fall

Forest Green - While green has always been a go-to fall color, this year we've noticed a subtle shift from a warm olive green to a deeper forest green. It's the perfect nod to the trees and woods that transform during this time of year and also is the perfect color to take you from fall to winter fashion. We love trend colors that transition well from season to season and forest green allows you to take your favorite fall pieces into winter because of the beautiful undertones! 

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Camel Shade Clothes

Camel Clothes for Fall

Camel - A fresh take on fall neutrals, we'll all about this warm and yummy color this year! Camel is slightly lighter than caramel, and has a warmth to it that makes it easy to pair with rusts, burgundies, and marigolds. When building your fall wardrobe for 2020, look to grab staple pieces in camel, like tees, jackets, and skirts. These pieces in this color will allow you to mix and match other fall colors easily and create beautiful warm-toned outfits. 

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Mauve Clothes

Mauve Clothes for Fall

Mauve - Last fall, we saw a lot of blush pink during fall and this year, pink is back, but in a slightly deeper, cozier shade! Mauve actually leans more purple and sits between violet and pink on the color wheel. It's the perfect mixture of pink and purple for fall and pairs well with cooler colors for the season, like grey and dusty blue. Not only are we seeing a lot of solid mauve pieces this season, but we're also seeing hints of it in tie-dye, as that trend transitions into the cooler weather. It's the perfect color to add to your fall closet for when you want a break from the warmer, rustier colors.

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Which color are you adding to your closet for this fall fashion season? Make sure you check out our complete fall collection here