2019 Back To School Fashion Trends To Shop For


Even though the temperatures are still hot hot hot here in Utah, it’s time to start thinking about one of the craziest times of the year: back to school! Even though it can be a bit chaotic, everyone is secretly a little pumped about going back to school. Parents get a little bit of routine/quiet time back in their lives, teachers get to start the year fresh with new students, and students get to spend the last few weeks of summer picking out new supplies and clothes!

Having a closet full of stylish clothes can help any student feel more confident and excited about going back to school. It’s proven that the way you dress can directly affect your attitude and behavior, so having some stylish outfits ready to go in your closet will help you start your school year off with a bang! In order to make sure our #MSCbesties are fully prepared to shop for their back to school outfits, we put together 2019 Back To School Trend report below!

2019 Back To School Fashion Trends to Shop For:

Graphic Tees - Having basics for back-to-school is a must, and graphic tees are a fun and trendy way to jazz up the basic tee. This year look for graphic tees with a vintage font (like our Good Times tee, which has a major 70’s vibe) or embroidered words (like our Brunch tee!) You’ll also see graphic tees with cute emojis, cursive font, and empowering sayings. Grab a couple to layer with cardigans and denim jackets as the seasons change!

Corduroy- As the temperatures start to get cooler, you’ll want to make sure you have some pieces that add warmth and texture to your closet. Corduroy is one of the trendier fabrics in 2019 and we love that it has a distinct pattern made from the actual cords in the fabric. Having corduroy in your closet will also help you have some vintage-feeling pieces with a modern twist. Our corduroy trousers are high waisted, which gives a 70’s feel but have a modern rust color and scalloped hem detail for a modern twist. We also love our Raymond Corduroy Jacket, which comes in a stunning rust color and is a great item to switch out with a denim jacket!

Delicate Floral Patterns- Florals are ALWAYS on trend and there’s bound to be a type of floral for everyone. This year, we’re seeing a subtle shift from large realistic floral patterns to smaller, delicate and feminine patterns. Stenciled floral also seems to be a trend, as shown on our stunning Rustic Garden jumper dress. Smaller floral designs that are spaced out across a piece are also on-trend. This use of floral adds interest to a piece while allowing the color to truly speak for itself. The Come Away With Me dress shows how effective the minimal floral print can be because it has tiny accents of pink and while allowing the beautiful mauve color and drape of the dress to really shine! Finally, mixed floral prints are also on-trend this fall and give every piece a more boho, carefree vibe. Our In The Meadow dress shows how stunning mixed floral prints can look on a dress!

Jumper Dresses- We are head over heels in love with the Jumper Dress trend and are stoked to have so many options available during the Back to School season. Jumper Dresses are another way to incorporate vintage vibes with a modern twist to your closet and are essential for days you need to dress up at school. They are easy to put on and can be paired with so many different types of tops to change up the style! If you’re feeling sassy and bold, wear our Safari Loved Tee underneath our Alyta Black Jumper dress. If you’re looking for a more professional take, the Jenna Stripe Jumper dress is perfect for a school presentation. It has a pinstripe pattern and asymmetrical button detail to help make it feel young and flirty. We also carry bodysuits, which are must-haves for any jumper dress, as they will keep everything smooth and reduce the number of times you have to pull down your shirt!

Snakeskin Print - Move over, leopard print, there’s a new animal in town! Snakeskin print is back and better than ever! Snakeskin is a subtler approach to animal print and has a simple color scheme of tan, black, and white, so it pairs well with just about anything! Because of the neutral colors, it looks good on just about every article of clothing (shoes, pants, tops) while adding an interesting pattern to spice things up. If you’re looking to dip your toes into this trend, our Everglades Snakeskin Dress is the perfect place to start. It’s a breezy maxi dress, perfect for those first warm days of the school year and has a subtle snakeskin print. If you want to step it up a notch, check out the Python Pattern Jeans, which take snakeskin up a notch with a bolder and more contrasting color scheme!

We hope this trend report helps you pick out the best pieces for your personal Back To School wardrobe!