2018 Top Ten Summer Must-Haves

Is your wardrobe summer ready? Summer essentials for every wardrobe give you the versatility you need to nail the summer look. These pieces reflect the brightness of summer with a side of functionality that keeps you cool, comfortable and trendy. Make sure your closet is full of these 10 summer essentials.

1. Denim, Denim, Denim

Obviously denim is a huge staple piece for anytime of the year, but in all the trends we are seeing denim inspired outfits. Like denim overalls, dresses, skirts and of course classic denim shorts or pants.

This gives your outfit a solid foundation to start from and one that will easily pair with everything in your closet.

To spruce up your denim we are seeing lots of distressing and unique stitching details.

We are seeing denim in more than just shorts and jeans:

  • Overalls & Jumpsuits
  • Jackets
  • Skirts & Dresses

Two styles to spruce up your denim:


To give your outfit a more laid back style we have incredible distressing. But to make it unique it's done in a little bit different areas, like raw edge details along the pockets or extreme frayed hems.

Moto Stitching

We get it, distressing isn’t appropriate for every occasion, which is why we are in love with moto detailing. It gives your jeans or shorts a ribbed style to spruce them up and add some style.

One of the best aspects of denim is the versatility in style. You can pull off the denim look for a casual get together with friends. While those same pieces can create an outfit more appropriate for work or a meeting. Changing the top and your accessories makes it easy to get the most out of your denim pieces.

To give your outfit a more summer inspired feel reach for the lighter wash or even white jeans. The white still gives you crisp brightness that screams summer, but still just as easy to pair with as regular denim. White is also very versatile for pairing with brighter summer tops, and the light color keeps you cool in the summer heat.

2. Florals

If floral prints make you think of your grandma’s closet, it’s time to revisit the print. Floral prints, like this double ruffle sleeve top, lend an updated, feminine, romantic look that’s ideal for your summer plans. Tops aren’t the only option for integrating flowery prints into your wardrobe. You can find the print on:

  • Dresses
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Even shoes

That versatility means you can always find a floral look that matches your mood, whether you’re heading to hang out with some friends or a formal summer wedding.

Floral prints in summer clothing often feature bright colors or pastels. Balance out the brightness with neutral shoes, handbags and other accessories. If you prefer a bolder look, pull one of the colors from the floral print as the color for your accessories. Another option is to mix in other patterns for a fun look. Stripes and polka dots both go well with floral prints.

3. Overalls & Jumpsuits

A jumpsuit or romper is the perfect combination of effortless and versatility. Plus they come in a wide variety of styles to help you find your perfect fit.

Jumpsuits are a one and done kind of outfit, making getting ready not only cuter but also easier. Some may require layering which gives you so many possible outfits while others you can just throw on and head out for some fun.

Think you can’t pull off a jumpsuit or overall style? Use our tips to help you nail the trend.

  • Try on as many different styles as you can to find your perfect fit. The jumpsuit trend is for everyone, you just have to find your style. Is it a wide leg, cropped, or skinny jeans with an overall style? Once you find it, don’t be afraid to rock it!
  • To keep cool in the summer keep an eye out for overall inspired dresses. Not only are these stylish and playful, but just as effortless and easy as jumpsuits.
  • Worried about your height? To ensure the most flattering look possible look for overall styles that have adjustable straps to lengthen or shorten where the waistline hits you.

You can expand your summer wardrobe options with some pieces like a jumpsuit or overalls. Instead of going for the total retro straps try something with less of an overall style and more of a suspender look. You can pair it with any number of tops to change the look of the overall.

4. Eye-Catching Color

We are seeing bright, eye-catching colors this year to really spruce up your summer wardrobe. We love how well the bright colors our matching the bright and happy vibe of summer. Two colors that have definitely made their mark on this summer are a kelly green and hot pink.

Kelly Green

This green color is one that stands out and grabs your attention as it should. It's a beautiful and unique color that is totally going to change the game of your wardrobe.

Hot Pink

A shade that is coming back and we are so thrilled about it. Its a strong, feminine color that is going to give your outfit all the attention it deserves. This color is bold and can be intimidating to wear sometimes. So try pairing it with neutral styles and colors.

5. Versatile Sandals

Every girl needs a pair of versatile sandals in her summer wardrobe. From a day at the beach to a summer wedding, the right sandal stays with you every step of the way. Sandals look great with shorts, leggings, cropped pants, skirts and dresses.

Here are some things to look for in your pair of staple sandals this summer:

Neutral color: A neutral color, such as taupe, gray or cream, increases the versatility of the sandals by letting them pair well with almost any color outfit. Of course, you can incorporate bright, colorful sandals into your summer footwear collection, but have at least one neutral pair for versatility.

Support: When looking for your go-to sandals for the summer, a good, supportive fit is key. Sure, you want your sandals to look cute, but your feet won’t look so hot if the sandals rub, pinch or otherwise hurt. Look for sandals that feel supportive throughout the foot, particularly in the arch area.

Comfortable straps: Summer sandals feature a variety of strap styles, from a single strap across the toes to multiple straps crisscrossing the feet. Test out the shoes to make sure those straps lay across your feet comfortably. Straps that dig, pinch, gap or squeeze your foot will quickly feel uncomfortable and may even cause blisters and sores on your feet. Look for comfortable, flattering strap placement.

Easy wear: Ideal summer sandals are easy to get on and off your feet. Complicated straps and buckles are annoying to deal with when you’re ready to head out the door.

Limited detailing: While some detailing is fine, too many accents on your sandals can limit their use. When you’re looking for a neutral, versatile sandal, simple detailing is best. It creates a more versatile style you can adapt to both casual and dressier situations.

Heel height: The height of the sandal is another consideration. Wedge sandals are flattering and give you height, but they can feel uncomfortable and difficult to wear if you’re not used to height in the heel. A flatter sandal may be a better option for you in that situation. Test out the heel height to ensure you can walk comfortably in the sandals.

Some especially hot styled shoes this year that also follow these guidelines are slides and a platform sandal.

This years Summer Styles

  • Slides give you the easiness of the classic flip flops with more style and flare to them. Slides can be one big strap or multiple, the important thing with slides is how effortless they are.
  • The platform style is coming back in full force this summer and we are so excited about it. The platform style, while giving you some height also adds such a playful and unique style to your wardrobe. Whether the platform is a half inch or three, it’s a summer trend that your closet has to have.
  • Another versatile summer footwear option is the peep-toe bootie. The open toe gives the booties a summery feel, and they offer a slightly dressier look when you need to show up in style this summer. The booties also bridge the gap between spring, summer and fall, with enough coverage to last into the cooler seasons.

Most women have more than one pair of sandals, so don’t be afraid to have a little fun with your footwear. Let your personality show through fun detailing and styles of sandals. Always look for comfort when adding to your summer sandal collection.

6. Layering Tees

A solid layering tee is a staple in your wardrobe year round. It’s the perfect example of a versatile piece that takes on many different looks based on how you wear it.

First, start with a tee that has flattering lines and styling. Many layering tees have just a bit of spandex integrated into the fabric to give the top a flattering and comfortable stretch. A fitted style that follows your curves is the best way to highlight your shape while eliminating the bulky, baggy look.

The little details also make a basic tee the perfect layering piece for your summer wardrobe. A scoop or V-neck design adds interest and a feminine touch to the shirt.

Once you find the perfect layering tee, have fun with how you wear it:

  • Wearing the shirt on its own is a simple way to get dressed for running errands or hanging out around home.
  • If you’re meeting up with friends, add some shimmery jewelry to dress up the look.
  • You can also pair the shirt with a lightweight blazer, cardigan or chambray shirt to nail the layered look.

Solid-colored layering tees are also great for pairing with patterned bottoms. Choose a color from the pattern when picking the perfect tee. The solid color complements the pattern and can help tone it down if the pattern feels a little too bold.

The versatility of the layering tee can’t be beaten. You can wear a tee with almost any summer bottom. White is a classic layering tee option. It gives you a crisp, neutral look that goes well with everything. White is great, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore color. Layering tees are the perfect way to brighten up your casual summer wardrobe. Grab layering tees in all of your favorite colors for even more matching possibilities.

7. A Light Cardigan

It might be getting hotter outside, but a lightweight cardigan is still a solid piece in your summer wardrobe. Even though the daytime temperatures are high, you may find yourself feeling a bit chilly on summer evenings, especially if you’re at the beach. The lightweight cardigan is easy to throw on over your top for a bit of warmth and style. A lightweight cardigan, blazer or chambray top creates a flattering layered look that can dress up a plain tee. You can even pair your cardigan with your favorite graphic tee for a modern look.

If you like the idea of a blazer, linen is a lightweight, breathable fabric that works well for summer. For the cardigan look, check the weight of the knit. A thin, lightweight knit gives you the look of the cardigan without causing you to overheat.

Color is a matter of personal preference. White, cream and other light neutrals pair well with a variety of summer tops, from solid bright colors to playful patterns. Neutral is a safe choice if you only add one light cardigan to your summer wardrobe because it has so much versatility. If you want to brighten up your look, add in a few pastel shells to pair with your patterns or a white tee.

8. Ruffle Details

Ruffle detailing adds a flirty, feminine touch to your wardrobe. Our Julia top is the perfect example of a balanced look that incorporates a ruffle detail. A simple ruffle or bell sleeve style elevates a plain top to something elegant and stylish. A ruffle-detailed top looks just as great with denim as it does with an elegant skirt, which makes your ruffly summer top a versatile addition to your wardrobe.

If the mention of ruffles causes flashbacks to dresses your mom made you wear in elementary school, you’ll be happy to hear modern lace detailing is feminine without being overly frilly. Here are some tips for making lace work with your summer style:

  • Start with just a little: If the idea of ruffles scares you, pick a top with just a little ruffle, like a bell sleeve or peplum top. It’s an easy way to try out the trend without feeling overdone. Common places for ruffle detailing include along the bodice, at the waist and on sleeves.
  • Accessorize with lace: You can also add a feminine ruffly look with your accessories. A handbag, socks or other accessories with ruffles make pretty accents for your summer wardrobe.
  • Don’t go overboard: There is a point where too many ruffle details causes chaos in an outfit. Pairing a ruffle sleeve and ruffle bodice top with a ruffle edge skirt can be too much. To avoid this allow only one item of clothing to have the ruffle detail.
  • Show a little skin: A cold shoulder ruffle detail can give a dress or top an edgy touch while still maintaining femininity.

9. Slip-On Sneakers

Regular tennis shoes are great for workouts, but what about those times when you’re running errands or socializing in a casual environment? The slip-on sneaker is a good middle ground for a cute, casual shoe that is easy and comfortable to wear. They’re not just suitable for casual shorts and tees. Slip-on sneakers look great with:

  • Dressy shorts
  • Skirts
  • Leggings
  • Casual summer dresses

The slip-on version gives you all the comfort of a traditional sneaker without the bulk. The soles are often thinner and lighter, so you can easily keep up with all of your summer activities. Plus, the slip-on styles make the shoes easy to put on as you head out the door. Slip them on, and you’re ready for summer adventures.

Slip-on sneakers come in a variety of colors and styles. Choose a patterned pair for a fun little touch of style on your feet. Cutout patterns or textured detailing also add a decorative element. A neutral solid gives you the versatility to wear the slip-on sneakers with almost any summer outfit. The neutral option is great if you only add one pair of slip-on sneakers to your collection. Don’t forget your no-show socks to keep your slip-on sneakers from becoming stinky.

10. Moto Detailing

The moto detailing is the perfect way to give your pants a little extra style. If you aren’t a fan of distressing or you are just in the market for something new, our moto-jeggings and shorts are the perfect thing to fill that hole in your wardrobe.

Jeggings are a match made in heaven between jeans and leggings, they give you the comfort of leggings with the style of jeans. It’s one of the many reasons we are in love with the moto-jeggings we carry.

We carry moto-jeggings in a wide variety of colors, we love that the colors range in their ability to be a neutral. If you want to spruce up your outfit reach for those more unique colors, like we mentioned earlier, bright colors are a huge hit this summer. However if you are a more traditional black pants kind of gal don’t worry, we have those too.

This summer we are also carrying shorts with that same unique, moto design. Our Mckayla shorts feature a small portion of the adorable stitching right before finishing off above the knee. They are perfect for giving your summer wardrobe something new and exciting without any of the stress that comes with distressing.

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How does your wardrobe stack up when it comes to summer’s must-have pieces? Now is the perfect time to fill in those missing summer wardrobe essentials. Check out our selection of florals, jumpsuits, layering tees and all of the other summer staples, so you’re ready for summer fun.