15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas She'll Love

There's a certain magic that comes on Christmas morning that can only be found on Christmas morning. Getting up before the sun rises, holiday music playing gently in the background, and wrapping paper shimmering under the lights of the tree. We cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner and like a lot of our friends and family, we're hustling to finish up that Christmas shopping. Typically, we have the "under-the-tree" items checked off by now, but those stocking stuffers always seem to end up being a last-minute panic (especially for those teenagers, right?) 

We wanted to do our MSC Besties a solid and we rounded up 25 stocking stuffer ideas that we know she'll love, whether it's your wife, your daughter, or your mom! These gifts will fill a stocking right up, but still, be useful and exciting to the one who you're gifting it to!


15 Stocking Stuffer Ideas She'll Love

1. Plush Socks - Every girl deals with cold feet in the winter and these super-soft socks will keep them cozy and warm! They come in four different colors and we know she will put a pair on her feet immeidately after opening!

2. Pearl Headband - These chunky headbands are super trendy right now and will really help her channel her inner "Upper East Side" confidence! 

3. White Leopard Beanie - Soft beanies are still very in this year, but have taken a step up in the texture and pattern department. This neutral leopard print is subtle, but still makes a statement!

4. Favorite Fleece Leggings - High waisted, lined with fleece, and squat proof? These $12.00 leggings are a customer favorite and come in a variety of colors. Trust us - she will be THRILLED to receive these!

5. Leopard Keychain - If she is always misplacing her keys, this is a perfect stocking stuffer to add to her pile! It's the perfect wristlet size so she can wear it around her wrist while running errands and hang it on a hook at the end of the day! Plus, leopard is so trendy right now and it will look good with any of her bags.

6. Moon and Stars Necklace - Delicate jewelry that she can layer with is on top of this year's trends list and this necklace fits the bill. She will love the delicate charms and chain. Plus, it's the perfect length, so she can layer a longer necklace or a choker with it!

7. Hair Scalp Massager - Give her the gift of a good hair wash AND a scalp massage with this little tool! Not only does it assist with getting a deeper clean, but the rubber bristles also help stimulate blood flow to the scalp and reduces stress. It's a win-win

8. Silicone Case for Airpods - Help her keep her airpod case safe (and keep track of which one is hers) by getting a silicone case for her airpods in her favorite color!

9. Lip Balm and Hand Cream set - this brand is an MSC bestie favorite! It's affordable, luxurious, and so hydrating!

10. Holiday Chocolate - Let's be real, you can never go wrong with chocolate. These are our favorites!

11. Winter Headband - If beanies aren't her thing, this headband will do the trick! It will keep her ears warm without messing up her curls!

12. Bulletproof Lipstick - Trust us on this one - this drugstore lipstick will not budget and is food-proof, drink-proof, and yes, kiss-proof!

13. Leopard Mittens - In case you missed it, leopard print is IN! These cozy leopard mittens will keep her fingers warm and will pair well with any colored coat (leopard is a neutral, after all!) 

14. Beauty Blenders - If she loves doing her makeup, you will not go wrong with getting her a small stock of makeup sponges! These are essential to any beauty lover's makeup kit and will go a long way!

15. Foot Mask - She won't admit it, but her feet are probably a little dry with the cold winter weather. This foot mask will be a luxurious treatment and make her feet feel brand new!