Boutique Skirts: Essential for Every Woman’s Closet

Sometimes, women need a special pick-me-up courtesy of their closets. That’s when they reach for their boutique skirts! Women’s skirts from our online boutique are some of the hottest items you can find, and they’re designed to suit any shopper. Make sure you have the skirts you want for all your occasions. It doesn’t matter if you’re going out on the town with your BFFs or you’re heading out to do errands — every woman needs go-to skirts at her fingertips!

Skirts to Fit Your Figure

The best skirts not only fit, but they also flatter your figure. Take some time to determine which type of skirt looks great on you. Browse through your favorite skirts already in your closet. Do they have a certain shape? Some of the more common types of skirts include:

A-Line skirts. These skirts follow an “A” shape. They’re tighter at the top and looser at the bottom. This gives them a feminine flare and flounce that’s great for any form. In fact, one of the reasons they have remained popular since their designation in the 1950s by Christian Dior is that they look good on almost any woman.

Pencil skirts. The pencil skirt fits the figure from the top to the bottom. It hugs you along all your natural female curves and accentuates the body. Pencil skirts can be great for curvy women. Women who do not have many curves can give the illusion of curviness by choosing pencil skirts with patterns and accents.

Maxi-skirts. These women’s boutique skirts fall almost to the floor. They cover the entire leg and create a column effect. Many times, they use quite a bit of material. This allows them to flow gracefully as you move. They’re terrific when strolling along the beach or going out for dinner.

Mini-skirts. Who doesn’t love a well-fitting mini-skirt? Mini-skirts come in different lengths, although they traditionally fall above the knee. Your mini-skirt of choice should come to a point on your legs that is ultimately flattering. Try different shoes with your mini-skirts for fun looks!

Denim skirts. Want to add a little country chic to your look? Today’s denim skirts emphasize the power of women through tough, yet soft, denim fabric. You’ll find that denim skirts actually come in many types of denim colors, so throw out everything you thought you knew about denim!

Skater skirts. The skater skirt has a flouncy bottom and often a fitted waist. Some of our most sought-after skater skirts also come with belts, or they can be belted using your own belt. The skater skirt is a modified A-line skirt, and it gives you tons of movement. You’ll find that its grace is only matched by your own confidence every time you wear your favorite one.

Lace skirts. One of the hottest trends to hit women’s boutique skirts is lace! These aren’t your grandmother’s lacy skirts, either. They’re designed to look ultra-chic and provide just the right feminine touches without looking too frilly or young. You’ll love how sophisticated, sassy and fun lacy skirts make you feel.

Floral skirts. Who could deny that floral skirts are incredibly gorgeous? You’ll find women’s boutique floral skirts online right here. Choose the ones that will make you feel happy, no matter what the weather. Carry your love of flowers wherever you go with these fashionable, colorful patterns.

Pleated skirts. Pleats don’t just add more material to a woman’s skirt. They also add an extra element of movement. A pleated skirt can be loose and flowing, or they can hug tighter to the body. Test out all the types of pleats to see which you prefer for your basic figure. Many women who thought they couldn’t wear pleats are surprised to discover that they can! The key is to finding the right pleat for your shape, and then wearing it with pride.

Whether your tastes run contemporary or vintage, you’ll appreciate all the women’s skirts you can find at My Sister’s Closet.

So Many Ways to Change the Look of Your Skirt

One of the fastest ways to change the look of any skirt is to pair it with a particular type of top. From flouncy button-down blouses to streamlined tanks, there’s no wrong way to wear a beautiful skirt. You can also use short and longer cardigans to add dimension and layering to your overall appearance. Have fun mixing and matching tops, shoes and accessories with your women’s boutique knee-length, maxi or mini skirts. Make sure you check back often to see the new skirts we’ve added!