High Waist Tummy Control Fleece Leggings

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Best Control Top Leggings

Comfortable, versatile, fashionable and fun — leggings are the all-purpose wardrobe choice for any season and anyone. They pair well with sweaters or sweatshirts in the fall and winter, T-shirts in the spring, tank tops in the summer and every shirt in between. They wear well with flip-flops, sneakers, flats and boots. They can be dressed up for a night out, dressed down for a workout and sported for any comfy, casual day at home as well as a business-casual office outfit.

Leggings basically have it all, but not everyone has leggings. Why? If you're built curvy or tend to need some extra support in your tummy or hips, you might think leggings are too revealing or feel like they're not flattering for your body type. If so, you're missing out on all the comfort and versatility leggings add to your wardrobe — and you shouldn't have to. To get the best of both worlds with comfort and coverage, you need leggings with extra tummy control to change your mind.

Have you always wanted to be able to show off an hourglass figure but never have been quite able to get your body into that shape on your own? If so, these fleece high waisted tummy control leggings were made just for you! They feature a compression control top waistband which works to flatten your tummy and contour your waistline to give you that hourglass silhouette.

Of course, these leggings aren’t just for those looking to boast an hourglass shape. They are also the perfect piece of legwear for new moms who may need a little extra support in the middle region of their bodies, as well as anyone looking to control their love handles. Our control top leggings offer you comfort and confidence as your new favorite wardrobe piece.

Leggings for Any Season

When can you wear your control top leggings? We're glad you asked. Made of flexible fleece, spandex and polyester, these black tummy control leggings make a warm, cozy pick for the winter months, a snug, sleek set of pants for the fall or a comfy, full-coverage fit for warm months. There are so many ways to wear them all year long:

  • Spring: When the weather is hovering between the winter chill and the promise of a warmer season, cozy, comfy leggings are a great way to wait out the transition and find your style. Pair your control top leggings with tunic tops or floral dresses, breezy short-sleeved blouses and all your best spring attire. Plus, mix and match your legging colors with the shirts and shoes you choose.
  • Summer: Hot temperatures don't mean it's time to put away the leggings. Throw on your best control top leggings with some workout wear when it's time to get active, slip them on with a tank top and a pair of flip-flops for your evening errands, sport them in the yoga studio or wear them around the house. These leggings offer flexibility for your comfier summer moments.
  • Fall: When the crisp, cool air of autumn comes around the corner, these leggings will become your most-worn pair of pants. Wear them with your cardigans, tunics and fall sweaters for an upscale look with ankle boots or throw them on with a warm jacket and fur-lined boots for a cozy look. Don't forget to keep using them as your workout wear!
  • Winter: In the season when other leggings might not offer the warmth or coverage you need to keep your legs warm in the cold, our control top leggings shield your skin with fleece for the utmost comfort and coziness while the snow falls.

How to Wear Your Leggings

These leggings sit quite a bit higher around your midsection than most other leggings due to their tummy compression nature. However, this means you can pair them a bit differently, too. For instance, you don’t just have to wear longer sweaters or flowing tops with these leggings — you can opt for shorter or tighter tops as well.

The high waist tummy control black leggings are easily paired with any dressier top to make a work-appropriate outfit, where a sleek leather jacket and combat boots paired with our high waist tummy control red leggings would make quite the statement on a date. Trade in your jeans and opt for a pair of high waist tummy control navy leggings for a more comfortable fit that still keeps your body in check.


No matter how you choose to wear your high waist tummy control fleece leggings, know that not only will you look great in them, but you’ll also feel warm regardless of the temperature outside. Thanks to the blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, these leggings will not let your body heat escape — which means warmer winters for you. The fleece lining is a nice additional touch to keep you feeling warm and comfortable.

Color Options

Whether you choose our high waist tummy control charcoal leggings or any other color options, you will quickly come to love the warmth and reliability of these pants. We’re sure they’ll become a staple in your wardrobe, as the ways to wear them truly are endless. All that’s left to do is choose your favorite color and run with it. Color options include:

  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Navy
  • Wine red

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Keep comfortable all year long in the best control top leggings you can find — whether you're staying active, keeping comfortable at home, dressing up for a date or even heading to work.

The fall season is upon us, and if you want to get the most out of these high waist beauties, you’re going to want to order now. Take advantage of the warmth, style and comfort these leggings have to offer — no matter what’s on the agenda for the day.

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