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11 Style Tips for Plus-Sized Women

It’s no secret that a significant portion of the fashion industry is geared towards size-0 women. Whether you’re shopping, reading fashion magazines or watching advertisements, it can seem like this is where fashion begins and ends. But here at My Sister’s Closet, we know that isn’t true. Women come in a range of shapes and sizes, and every one of those shapes is just as gorgeous as the last. We think plus-sized women should be able to feel just as beautiful, comfortable and confident in their clothes as every other woman, and we want to help you do just that.

Today, we want to help guide plus-sized women just like you towards styles and plus-size boutique clothing that will help you look and feel great whether you’re headed on a date, going to work or just hanging out at home. We’ll talk style tips, dressing for your body and even recommend some awesome curvy boutique clothing items along the way. By following these guidelines, experimenting and figuring out what types of clothes you love to wear, you can build the perfect wardrobe in no time at all.

Style Tips for Plus-Sized Women

Ready to build a selection of outfits that make you feel as amazing as you deserve? Try following these tips, and we think you’ll love the results.

1. Know Your Body Type

We may use the term plus-sized as a generic catch-all term for bigger girls, but it isn’t really accurate. Every woman has a unique body type, and whether you’re plus-sized or petite, that shape doesn’t change. To dress in a way that will be most flattering and comfortable for you, the best place to start is by figuring out which body type you have.

Here are the most common types:

  • Hourglass: Ladies with an hourglass body type have a bust-line and hips of the same width, with a defined waist in between.
  • Pear: Also known as a triangle body type, pear-shaped bodies tend to have narrow shoulders while carrying more weight in their hips, thus creating a triangle-like silhouette.
  • Inverted Triangle: This is the opposite of the pear-shape. Women with an inverted-triangle shaped body will have narrower hips and will instead have wider shoulders and perhaps a larger bust.
  • Rectangle: Rectangle silhouettes are those where the hips, shoulders, waist and bust are all relatively the same width, creating a straight up-and-down appearance without a lot of defined curves anywhere.
  • Apple: Also known as the circle body type, the apple shape is one where your shoulders and hips are roughly the same width but without the natural waist definition of the hourglass shape. Ladies with this body type tend to carry their weight around the waist and in their torso.

Once you’ve identified your body type, this can give you invaluable insight into creating a style and a wardrobe that works for you. For example, do you have a pear-shaped body? If so, your goal might be to choose pieces that de-emphasize your hips while instead drawing the eye up to the torso. If you have more of an apple silhouette, try pieces that create definition at the waist. In this way, let your own natural shape guide your fashion choices.

2. Don’t Go Too Baggy

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your body, your first instinct may be to hide under layers of baggy and ill-fitted clothing. Plenty of people that don’t fit the image portrayed in magazines and billboards often feel this way, and it’s completely understandable. But the truth is that, while you may think these clothes hide you, they tend to have the opposite effect.

Clothes that are too baggy usually have the unintended effect of making you look bigger than you actually are. By hiding the natural lines and curves of your body, baggy clothes can instead make you appear shapeless. Instead, go for pieces that follow the lines of your body a bit more. It may seem counterintuitive, but the result is that you’ll actually appear slimmer, and often be much more comfortable in the end.

3. Don’t Go Too Tight-Fitted

While one instinct is to hide under baggy clothes, another common instinct many plus-sized people may feel is to wear clothes that are too tightly-fitting. Because we all tend to put so much emphasis on the size listed on the clothing tag, there is always a tendency to try to wear the smallest size possible. Some of us may even feel embarrassed about wearing the correct size and may try to go a size smaller, simply to feel better about the little number tag on the clothing.

The result of this type of thinking is clothing that is too tight, unflattering and most importantly of all, uncomfortable for you, the wearer. Instead, give yourself a break and buy clothing that’s the right size for you. You’ll both look and feel a lot better every single time. The goal when selecting clothing sizes should be to choose things that aren’t so baggy they hide you but aren’t so tight as to be suffocating. Go for that perfect balance in the middle, and you’ll find the best results.

4. Look for Long Vertical Lines

If your goal is to appear a bit slimmer, then you want to trick any eyes looking at you into moving up-and-down, as opposed to side-to-side. While this might sound impossible, the truth is that it’s much easier than it might seem. Vertical prints and stripes will be your friend, while horizontal stripes and patterns will not be. Similarly, try looking for pieces that feature long vertical lines, like A-line skirts, long pants or long cardigans, as opposed to boxy shirts, short shorts and cropped jackets.

The reason little tricks like these are so effective is because the eye naturally catches onto these long lines and follows them up and down, thus creating the illusion of height and slimness. The opposite is also true, as the eye will catch horizontal patterns and move side-to-side, causing people to see you as bigger than you really are.

This Stay Fierce Kimono is a terrific example of the pieces we’re talking about. The length of this kimono will help make you appear taller and slimmer, all while adding a fun pop of decoration and pizzazz to any outfit.

5. Be Strategic About Bold Details

Bold details catch the eye and draw it in. For example, if you wear a shirt that has a colorful design on it or a jacket with a bow on it, the eye will hone in on these details almost immediately. This is something you can use to your advantage in your dressing, as well as something to be aware of that can be a potential pitfall.

Let’s say you’re trying to draw the eye away from your hips. One great tactic for doing this would be to wear something simple and neutral on your legs, such as blue jeans or a simple skirt. Then, add a shirt or jacket that’s a bit bolder. The eye will go to the torso and ignore the hips almost every time. However, it’s also important to be aware that the opposite effect can occur if you aren’t careful. Let’s say you wore the same exact outfit, but this time you wanted to show off your hips while downplaying your bust. In this case, you wouldn’t want to draw the eyes up to the torso, so a better choice would be to choose flashier pants and a more downplayed top.

6. V-Necks Are Your Friend

Remember how we mentioned that long vertical lines are often the goal if you’re trying to look slimmer? V-neck dresses and shirts are a fantastic and simple way to achieve this. They make your neck and torso appear longer, thus balancing your proportions more. Scoop necklines, on the other hand, will have the opposite effect. These necklines draw the eye from side-to-side, creating the impression of wideness even where there is none.

This Jacie Floral Top in Navy does an excellent job of illustrating our point. The v-neck may seem like a simple detail, but it helps create length. And with a beautiful floral pattern and soft navy color, this shirt has the benefit of going perfectly with a classic pair of jeans.

7. Love the Long Tops

Tunic tops look great on many plus-sized women, as they help disguise the hips and waist area, especially if these are areas you’d rather not have on display. These items make you look taller and slimmer as they balance out your proportions to create a flattering silhouette. They’re also almost universally comfortable, so you’re sure to love wearing them as well.

One word of caution with tunic tops is to avoid choosing ones that are overly baggy. This goes back to our earlier advice about not hiding under baggy clothes. Choose a tunic top that’s graceful and slimming, not one that dwarfs you.

8. Choose Large Accessories

For most of us, accessories are probably an after-thought. We grab our handbag as we head out the door, with little thought to what it adds to or detracts from the outfit. But details like these can make a big impact on your overall style.

For plus-sized women, a good rule of thumb is to choose bigger accessories. These are more well-proportioned when paired with your natural body type and will help make your whole ensemble look balanced. Small accessories — such as a small handbag or a tiny, delicate necklace — will have the opposite effect. These small items will perform an optical illusion that makes you look bigger by comparison. For this reason, it’s best to stick within the realm of accessories that are more proportional to your body.

9. Try Some Shapewear

Shapewear is not a necessary part of your wardrobe, and if it’s not something you feel the need for, then you should never feel pressured to include it as part of your routine. However, if you’ve ever considered wearing certain pieces of clothing or going for a more fitted silhouette, but ultimately passed because you felt you couldn’t pull it off, then a quality piece of shapewear might be just the thing to give you the confidence to go for it.

Shapewear comes in all styles and designs, so it’s worth trying a variety of styles until you find the one that’s just right for you. Above all, make sure the style you choose is comfortable — it’s never worth putting yourself through constant discomfort just to wear a specific piece of clothing.

10. Don’t Sweat About Colors

At one point or another in your life, you’ve probably been told things like, “Only wear neutrals — they’re more slimming” or “Colors make you look bigger than you are. Always avoid bright colors.” Sound familiar? If so, then we’ve got good news for you. If you’ve been trying to live by these rules, then we want to tell you that you don’t have to. In fact, go ahead and throw these rules right out the window.

Creating a slimming effect on the body is about fit and style, not about colors. While it’s true that dressing all in black can create long lines that make the body look trim, this is by no means a universal rule. A boxy black shirt will make you look heavier than a turquoise pencil skirt every time. Rather than stressing over colors, instead focus on choosing the right pieces for your shape. Why stick to neutrals when there’s a whole world of colors out there? We say, wear whatever makes you feel terrific and fills you with joy.

11. Try a Little Tailoring

Tailoring is something not all of us have the option for in our lives, but the truth is that it can make a world of difference. Whether we’re plus-sized or not, few of us fit perfectly into ready-made clothes found on the racks at department and clothing stores. Most women simply aren’t this proportional. The best way to make sure your clothes fit properly every time is to invest in a little tailoring.

Even if this is something that isn’t financially an option for every clothing item you own, it may be worth it for a few key items. Basics that you wear all the time, for instance, may be worth having tailored. Favorite pieces, work items or perhaps formalwear are other pieces that you may want to consider having tailored.

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