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Makeup Bags

Everyone loves a great bag! While these boutique cosmetic bags are perfect for keeping all your beauty products in one place, there are tons of other uses for them! The Triple Threat set comes in two colorways to match your aesthetic and hold your things in style.

It's almost impossible to have too many bags. Besides, who doesn't love to have things neat or organized? These makeup bags are what you need to bring a little personality into your bathroom. Instead of storing your foundation, mascara, and lipsticks loosely in a drawer, keep them tidy in these bags so you aren't searching around for that one specific eye shadow! When business trips, vacations, and everyday outings arise, our bags are ideal for storing your essentials, including makeup, toiletries, and other personal items you need to keep on hand. Store our hair ties, scrunchies, clips, or headbands in these so you always have an option to put your hair up while on the go. Many of our customers have even used these bag sets as quick and easy diaper bags. Instead of toting around bulky, not-so-cute diaper bags, these can easily be slipped into a larger tote or purse and fit the diapers and baby wipes you need for the day. You could even these one of the bags from the trio as a clutch for evening outings! Heading to a sporting event? The clear bag will get you past the security gates! The possibilities are endless!

We're here for the super trendy looks of these bags. Want to learn more about who we are and how our customer service team can help you find the accessories? Don't hesitate to reach out and contact us to learn more.