Your New Online Fashion Boutique - Find Out Why!

My Sister’s Closet is My Boutique

Something magical has happened. A truly fantastic clothing boutique has been born because of you.

MSC was created solely with you in mind. Our owner Sarah has a passion and a heart bigger than anyone I’ve ever met. When she started this journey of creating a clothing boutique in Spanish Fork, Utah she craved for a place that you could call your own. Having grown up with 4 sisters herself, she can understand the bond that sisters and families have. MSC was designed to be a place that the whole family could shop and enjoy themselves. It’s fun, it’s cheery, and it’s close-knit. It has that small-town charm that when you come in, you feel like family already. What started out as a dream, turned into a magical peaceful bliss and it’s only because of you. If you have ever joined us for our semi-annual Girl’s Night out events, then you know what I mean. There are girls everywhere shopping and having a wonderful time.

“My Sister’s Closet has the styles and fashion trends that I’m looking for.”

When buying for our boutique, Sarah looks closely at the comments, messages, and emails that everyone sends us. We love feedback and to know what your style is because this is a place for you and your family to shop. You can feel confident coming to the store or shopping online that you will find something that you love. One of our absolutely favorite things to check on is our hashtags #shopmscb and #mscismyboutique to see what you are wearing and loving right now. We always love to hear from you! If you are new to shopping with MSC, hear what everyone has to say about this fast-growing trendy online boutique.

“Loved my My Sister's Closet Boutique dress for Easter it was the most comfortable dress I ever worn and it will be so great for an upcoming wedding I'm attending! For those who don't know My Sister's Closet Boutique, they are based in Utah and have the most affordable and modestly cute clothes! I have loved everything I've purchased so far and it's all free shipping! Check them out @shopmscb! #mscismyboutique” (Betsy Thompson)

"Why is MSC my boutique? Because it is perfect for a busy mama! I love not only the cute styles offered at the boutique, but how easy it is to shop there! As a busy work at home mom to two little kids, I don't get a ton of time to shop. I do most of it online! I love that I can browse from their site on my phone and buy new clothes while snuggling my baby (like I am in this pic in one of my favorite MSC tops)! I have made a lot of orders lately and it has transformed my closet. I am loving all the cute floral and stripe prints that are so trendy right now. #mscismyboutique" (Kelsey Sorenson)

"I'm pretty sure I was one of the 1st to shop @shopmscb" (Wendy Simmons)

"This floral dress from @shopmscb is so comfy and it has pockets!! When you find a boutique like @shopmscb that has something for everyone; any age, any size… you buy all the goodies!!!" (Miss Lynsie)

"I feel all dolled up when I wear this dress from @shopmscb to different events. Don’t you love when one item of clothing can make you feel this way and you don’t have to use all your brain power figuring out what items will piece together well like a patchwork quilt?" (Polished Pearls)

"This is one of my favorite pics from my first wedding anniversary. I bought that dress in the pic for the special occasion from @shopmscb and LOVED it. I have gotten plenty more of dresses from there and have never been disappointed! All you ladies should check them out! I want to spread the word and share the joy of finding such a great online place to shop… everything is modest, free shipping, and it as all reasonably priced. @shopmscb @MSCisMyBoutique" (Madi Hyte Garn)

"#mscismyboutique because of their quality clothing and affordable prices! @shopmscb always has what I'm looking for and their customer service is excellent! I've never been an online shopper, but I'm a changed woman now because of @shopmscb." (Kaitlyn Harkins)

"MSC is my boutique because you get amazing products at amazing prices and shipping is always free! I love you guys!" (April Gentry)

"Absolutely love my new MSC dress! Will be purchasing from MSC again!" (Ariella Langley)

“My Sister’s Closet is a place for me and my sisters, mothers, and girlfriends to shop together.”

No matter your age or your size, MSC has something for you. Our customers are from ages 12 – 90 and we love every one of you.

"I wore my MSC dress for both sets of family pictures this year and very often since! If you include my mom and sister we own close to ten of their dresses plus some shirts and leggings and we've only known about this boutique for less than a year! Currently eyeing a few dresses to wear for my anniversary pictures!! #mscismyboutique" (Rebecca Wright)

"We love to shop at MSC store they're amazing ladies that are so helpful and friendly when comes to ideas and fashion. We shop online the most with the new clothes and affordable prices. Here's my 14yo daughter modeling our latest top." (Magda Dennis)

"Literally I have the best family ever." (Bridget Wilson)

"I love My Sister's Closet because they offer beautiful plus size clothing as well! It was so hard for me to find modest and pretty clothing until I found MSC! Now I'm addicted lol! It really helped to boost my self-confidence. That's why #mscismyboutique I love my mom so much! I got her a dress from @shopmscb for Mother’s Day so we could match! They have the cutest clothes!" (Cassie Sanders)

"Remembering back to this special day! So glad we got our adorable dresses from @shopmscb! I love my trapeze dresses so much." (Angela Harris)