Vacation Tips & Style Inspiration

There’s nothing quite like the excitement and anticipation of a vacation, the break from everyday stress and relaxation of just hanging out with loved ones. Whether you are headed on a ten-day cruise, exploring through Europe or just doing a quick weekend getaway, there is so much that goes into a vacation. For most of us we start packing early, researching the area and spend way too much time deciding on the perfect outfits to bring. With our tips and tricks you can avoid the overpacking or any unnecessary stress when it comes to your vacation.

1. Think About What You’ll Be Doing

We’ve all done it, when packing we get caught up in thinking we are going to need every style of outfit imaginable. But packing your adorable slip on sandals for touring Europe probably isn’t the best idea. Just like packing pants wouldn’t be ideal for a beach getaway.

Think about the activities that you have planned everyday and go from there. Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comfort. You are going on vacation to relax, your clothing choices should reflect that. If you are worried about the weather, stick to lightweight layers that can be built upon if needed.

2. Don’t Be Prepared For Anything

We have all been there, trapped in the overpacking problem of thinking you need everything in your closet. You get caught up in thinking you need to plan for anything that comes your way, when the simple truth is; you don’t! The likelihood of you needing an elegant maxi dress or a big fluffy cardigan is slim to none.

Yes you want to be prepared, but don’t over do it. All that leads to is a suitcase that’s too heavy and wasted time digging through stuff. Pack your tried and tested pieces that you trust and know you love!

(Let's be honest, we have all been there and done this.)

3. Pick For Practicality

Don’t get so caught up in looking cute and trendy that you end up packing clothing that isn’t going to hold up well being folded. You aren’t going to spend the time needed to steam or iron your chiffon blouse, so do yourself a favor and skip it. We understand wanting to look cute, but avoid the stress and let your outfits take a backseat to the actual vacation. You won’t want to spend your time in the hotel ironing or washing your clothes when you could be out and about exploring!

4. Plan Your Outfits

Another thing to help avoid overpacking, you aren’t going to change your outfit three times a day so don’t pack like it. Lay out your outfits so you can get a visual of how they will look together. It’s a bonus if you can interchange outfits to give yourself more options without having to bring more clothes.

Now if you plan on going to a fancier dinner, don’t think you need to bring a fancier dress. This is where accessories come in, they are easy to pack and can completely change the vibe of an outfit.

5. Choose Shoes Carefully

When picking shoes for your vacation comfort is the number one thing you need to be thinking about. You may not be going on a backpacking trip, but chances are you’ll end up exploring the city and do some sight seeing. You don’t want to be miserable because you brought the wrong shoes.

However, since shoes are a bigger and heavier item you can’t afford to bring to many. Make sure your shoes are a good mix of supportive and comfortable. Limit yourself to one fancier pair and only pack it if you have something planned that requires something fancy.

Outfit Inspiration

This outfit Nichole is wearing is perfect for your next tropical vacation, shorts are a must they keep you cool, comfortable and these ones keep you stylish. With these shorts your outfit is so much cuter, even if its paired with a solid white tee. Our Walking on Sunshine Shorts add a trendier style not only because of the stripes and color, but also because of their waistband. These shorts are instant outfit creators, pair them with platform sandals for fancier look. 

We are suckers when it comes to jumpsuits, they are the best for giving you a stunning outfit without any of the hassles. When it comes to vacations packing a jumpsuit is not only a lifesaver but a definite space-saver. This jumpsuit is a gorgeous green and a stunning pattern. Plus with the wide leg style and lightweight material our Festival Vibes Jumpsuit needs to be in your suitcase for your next adventure.


Our Myrtle Tunic Dress has to be on your packing list. The versatility that comes with this dress is amazing. It looks good with sneakers, flats, heels and can be dressed to fit any occasion. Plus it’s such a flattering and forgiving shape on any body type. With the embroidery and ruffle sleeves you get an extra stylish and feminine style that gives you a polished look even right after a dip in the ocean. 

Whatever adventure this summer takes you on we want to come along. Whether your getting away for ten days or just taking off for the weekend, vacations are meant to be relaxing. When shopping at My Sister's Closet you don't have to worry about being trendy or stylish, we are always bringing in the best pieces for the seasons and trends.