The Dress That’s Stealing the Show

Trapeze dresses are all over town right now. You might even own one without knowing it! It’s a favorite of ours and it can be a favorite of yours too. Keep reading to find out: ‘How to wear a trapeze dress’ and ‘The right dress for your body type.’ Let’s get started!


Trapeze dresses are typically knee length to mid calf; so girls, show those legs and prop them up… aka… wear heels! Wearing flats cannot only make the gorgeous, ever flowing style look frumpy and unmovable, it will also take about five inches off of your stature.

So I can understand that platform, supermodel heels aren’t for everyone, but just give yourself a little bit of height and give those calves some definition. Wedges can also be a great alternative, as they tend to be shorter and are more stable. Try these favorites out for size: Valentino Look Alike Studded Wedge.

Seriously, just add a couple inches if you can! It will make all of the difference, I promise. Here is a great heel that you can manage with ease: Carly Mauve Pink Heel

One last quick styling tip, make sure you have a killer statement necklace to pull the whole look together.


Let’s start first with our petite goddesses and our tall sweethearts. You’re probably thinking, “I’m too short, I couldn’t wear that; I would drown.” Or you’re thinking, “I’m too tall, I’d look like I’m wearing my 3 year old’s dress.” I’m here to tell you you’re wrong! That’s maybe the only time you will ever hear me say that, but it’s true. You can wear this style dress and you’re going to rock it, just follow these simple steps so you don't end up looking like the picture below.

Petite Goddesses: Being 5’4 I can understand the struggle of finding dresses that fit properly so bear with me. The key to these dresses is to wear them a little shorter so the fit doesn’t look frumpy. On the plus side, most of our trapeze dresses come in a soft stretchy material so when sitting, the dress will cover your knees if that is a concern. Going mid calf in a dress when you are under 5’6/5’7 can shorten your legs and the only thing anyone will be able to see is DRESS. So let’s fix that and show off those legs by first following step #1 and #2, then, going for a knee length or just above the knee length trapeze dress. 

Tall Sweethearts: I’m going to pretty much say the opposite of you as I did the petites. You should find a dress that hits you at the knee or longer. Asymmetrical trapeze dresses are also your friend, unlike petites. Asymmetrical dresses on a petite can cut off half their height. Asymmetrical dresses can give you the length you need while showing off your gorgeous legs at the same time. If you are 5’10 or taller, check out our model Lexie! She is 5’10.5 and a great example to see where the dress hits her and where it might hit you too. 

A few more tips I want to discuss before I let you shop the links below. There’s a concern with hourglass and pear body types because the style is supposed to be loose and flowy, so I have just a few suggestions. 

Hourglass Figure: Your waist tends to be narrower than your bust and hips. Finding the perfect fit is essential to getting that flowy trapeze look. When shopping around, look for a trapeze dress that has a busier pattern like florals or tie dyes. Stay away from stripes or solids that would draw attention to tight areas.

Pear Shape: Your hips tend to be larger than your bust and even or bigger than your waist. You want to make sure you pay attention to the flow of the bottom hems. Once you click the link below to see all of our trapeze dresses, you will see a difference in the sway of the hem. Opt-in for a loose, flowy, or even asymmetrical hemline for a natural trapeze style.

Alright ladies, that’s all the tips I have for you! I hope that you were able to identify what type dress to look for that will work for you. Think you’re an expert? Try out your skills and shop all of our dresses here:

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