Shoe Shopping is Cheaper Than A Therapist

Great shoes will take you to great places. We believe at MSC that every woman should chase their dreams, go the distance, and tackle their giant. But you can’t do that in an ugly shoe. You need a shoe that will take you places; you need a shoe that defines your day, and maybe a shoe that won't leaving you aching at the end of that triumph. Shoe shopping is cheaper than a therapist, so go ahead and give it a try. 

Start first with a classic. Black sandals will never go out of style. You will probably even replace them more than any other shoe because you wear them so much. Our Black Suede Strappy Heel is the ultimate reach for every day kind of black sandal. They feature a 2 1/4 inch chunky wooden heel, which in my book (I’m 5’4) heels are always a nice touch. The suede straps feel soft against your skin so you don’t have to worry about them irritating your feet, they also felt loose and not snug as I was walking around. Another added bonus! Before I move on to my favorite shoe style, I have to point out another thing I adored about these shoes – the strap is Velcro! Off an on with ease and no one would ever even know.

Another classic and personal favorite of mine for summer is a wedge sandal. Seriously I’m going to be talking about these on our social media probably a LOT because I love them sooo much! 

A word to the wise, I’m usually a 6 or 6 ½. I tried the 6 ½ just to be safe but they were too big. So if you are in between like me, choose the smaller size.

The color is a neutral taupe so they can go with just about any outfit. I loved wearing them with these motto jeggings and I think they would look super cute with a knee length or midi dress too. I’d love to see how you styled yours so show us on Instagram by tagging @shopmscb. They zip down on the back so you can easily slip in and also tie in front to keep them snug. The material is very similar to the suede black sandal, very soft feeling against my skin. The 3” wedged heel made these strappy sandals easy to walk in – even on the cobblestone. 


The next pair of shoes I have to show you are a favorite design of mine for the warmer months ahead because of *ahem* warm feetsies.

These shoes run big, I would recommend a size smaller or if you are in between sizes like me, a size and a half smaller.

This bootie is one that everyone can wear. The heel is just barely under 2” and wide enough for easy walking. You wont even realize you have on a heel. They are very comfortable and in the hottest color of the season right now – mauve. 

The next best thing is coming… velvet is making it’s way into the fashion world and we are kind of obsessed with these adorable velvet sneakers. They are seriously velvet, seriously soft, and seriously so hot right now. 

There you have it! The shoes that are going to take you places wonderful. Don’t forget to share with us where your MSC shoes are taking you and tag us on Instagram. Right now if you tag us in your Instagram pictures wearing anything MSC, you are entered to win store credit!