One Stop Floral Shop: Exclusive Tips For The Floral Lovers



Floral is all the rage this season! We are seeing it everywhere; tops, pants, dresses, even shoes! It’s a good thing we are absolutely IN LOVE with it! Aren’t you? With so much floral on-trend right now, you are bound to find the perfect fit for you! Whether you like subtle or bold, small or large, or even bright or pastel, we have got you covered! 

Keep scrolling to find what the perfect fit and style is best for you!

Bold Floral versus Subtle Floral

What style are you? Do you like bright multi colored bold floral, or solid simple floral? I love the Coral Floral Tassle Top (also available in navy) because it is subtle enough that you can easily wear a bright accented jewelry item with it, or even wear it casually, with jeans and sandals. Subtle floral is so great because it really gives you so many options!

Although we love subtle, we sure can’t get enough of bold floral! I love how the Navy Floral 3/4 Sleeve Top can be such a statement item in your closet! It is bold, bright, and has everything that screams absolutely adorable! This top is so great for the coming fall, and current summer!

This Navy Floral Gray Back Top has the best of both worlds! Because the floral is still quite small, and the colors aren’t as bright, it is still subtle, with just a hint of bold.

Bright versus Pastel Floral

 This tank is perfect to dress up or down. It is also great to accent with bold jewelry. It really is the best of both worlds! Just like bold and subtle, bright and pastel floral has the same type of appeal. Both are such great pieces to add to your closet! 

As you can see in the Ivory Floral Maxi Dress, with its soft pastel colors, it makes the look very feminine and pretty. 

In the French Jardin Black Floral High Neck Trapeze Dress you see that the floral is much more bold and bright. This creates a look that is very fun and playful. 

This Burgundy Short Floral Trapeze Dress shows the best of both worlds in being bright and soft! With the floral being soft neutral colors, and the flowers being large, it not only is very feminine, but very bold and fun! It such a great dress for fall! 

Floral Pairing

Not only is floral absolutely amazing by itself, but it is absolutely amazing paired with other patterns! Our personal favorite at MSC is pairing floral with stripes! Not only is it absolutely adorable, but it really gives a whole other look to floral than wearing it by itself! Whether it’s simply just floral on the shoulders, or mostly floral, pairing it with different patterns is always a great option! 

So what do you think? What’s your favorite type of floral? Tell us in the comments below!