Office Style at MSC

At My Sister’s Closet we make it a priority to bring you all the trendiest and cutest pieces for your wardrobe. We want our shop to be our one stop shop for all women and while it usually is, we can’t forget about our professional gals. The women that work a 9-5, or the ladies whose wardrobe requires more than stylish denim and a graphic tee. At My Sister’s Closet we take professional and trendy to give you pieces that create stunning, work appropriate outfits. The best part about these pieces is how versatile they are, you can wear them to work or for a girls night out!

We get it, heading into an office job it can be easy to lose your personal sense of style and turn into an office drone. Instead of creating fun and fashionable outfits, you go with something simple and acceptable. With a little help from us, getting ready in the morning can go back to being a creative outlet.

Right off the bat let’s talk about jumpsuits, with all different styles they can be quite intimidating to choose from. But I promise you, once you try them out you’ll be hooked. A jumpsuit is a perfect way to instantly give you a trendy style while still helping you achieve that #bossbabe look.

  • Our first jumpsuit is the Getaway Printed Jumpsuit, it’s everything you could hope for in a jumpsuit. It has an eye-catching pattern, while still being in a classy and office appropriate color scheme. Plus we adore the smocked elastic waist for added comfort and the cute wrap front. Another bonus with this outfit is the lack of planning required on your end.
  • Next we have our Stay Awhile Overalls, now I know when you hear overalls your mind doesn’t exactly go to business but hear me out with these ones. They are a super unique, suspender style with a slimming waist and a wide leg pant style. Plus with their material they give you a instant polished and put together look. Lastly, who says you have to stick to boring colors in the office? Not us, we love the bright color these bring to the table.
  • Lastly is our On My Way Overalls, these overalls are so flattering. With the adjustable tie waist detail and wide legs not only will you look totally corporate but also extremely trendy. These overalls also feature a material to give you a put together look without you having to do a thing!

Now let’s talk pants, women are no longer restricted to skirts and dresses so let’s take full advantage of that! There are so many styles of pants, culottes, trousers, paper-bag waist, and the list goes on. With these pants you get a corporate look with all the style.

  • Our Cherie Trousers scream business while adding a cute style thanks to the details happening at the waist. Not only are they high-waisted, but they also have a paper-bag ruffle detail along with a belt. These two details add a feminine touch on these sleek trousers. To make them even better they come in two colors, blush and black!
  • Our Roaming Around Culottes are for our really trendy gals. They feature a high-waist and wide legs that is such a huge trend right now. Plus they don’t have that shiny material to them that most corporate style pants have. However they still capture that ‘I mean business’ vibe.
  • Lastly we have our A Day With You Trousers, these pants are your classic business trousers with a little twist. They have the pinstripe details, and the sleek waist but instead of being black they are white. The white gives it that feminine touch that’s needed. Plus we adore how sophisticated and sleek they are.

To create stunning pant outfits, you need the perfect top. It should be a top that adds a sense of sophistication as well as style. It doesn’t have to be a plain, neutral colored top, be bold and add a fun pattern into the mix. With tops it all depends on the material!

  • A top that is sure to turn heads and adds some style to your office wardrobe is our Live Wildly Top. This top has ruffle details, a subtle leopard print and the material is incredible. It totally gives you that polished look without you having to do a thing. Plus it still has that neutral color scheme while the pattern adds the fun and style.
  • Next up is our Taj Mahal Top, this feminine top is just the thing for your wardrobe. Thanks to all the lace and texturing you instantly have that sophisticated, but feminine look. Now to add a trendy style it has a cropped look, with puffed sleeves to really add style. Pair this top with your favorite high-waisted bottoms to complete the business look.
  • To really add some style to your office wardrobe add in color, our Here Comes The Sun Top is just the top for that. It’s a stunning yellow color scheme and we love the small, busy floral pattern that covers the top. With the material it adds a more sophisticated style while the ruffle sleeves add that extra trendy style.

Now if you still love the skirt trend don’t worry, we have all different styles of skirts to still give you that corporate look, while still keeping you trendy and stylish. To branch out a little don’t always reach for your classic, un-textured, black pencil skirt. Here are a few of our favorite skirts that still give that professional and stylish look.

  • Our Kristen Skirt is a one of a kind with the button details and that adorable overlap drape detail it still sleek and slimming like a pencil skirt with a few extra details. Another thing we adore about this skirt is the linen-look, it adds a touch of casual style to help this skirt look appropriate even after you leave the office.
  • To really spruce up your skirt game we have our lovely State of Mind Skirt. Thanks to the material and pleated details you obviously get that polished and sophisticated style. It’s a business style skirt, but is spruced up with the adorable ruffle down the front. Plus the asymmetrical hem detail also completes the look.
  • When it comes to a business appropriate skirt our All About Me Textured Skirts are perfect for the office. However, they are unlike your office drone style thanks to that adorable texture. With the texturing you have that added style and unique touch to really spruce up any outfit. To make them even better they come in a wide variety of colors to create a one of a kind outfit.

At My Sister’s Closet we are known for our dresses, we carry all different styles perfect for various occasions. When it comes to the office you need that extra sophisticated and polished look. Here are the three that we have been loving for an office look.

  • First is our Timberlake Wrap Dress, with the material and the sleek style you are ready for any meetings or presentations. But with the ruffle hem, high-low detail and wrap style it has that extra touch of trendiness. This dress also comes in two different colors, a more neutral taupe and an eye-catching coral.
  • Another dress that we adore for our corporate working ladies, is our On The Dot Dress. With the neutral navy color scheme and slightly longer length you get a dress that gives that sense of professionalism that’s needed in the workplace. However to spruce it up it has big polka dots and a thicker waistband for a sleek and flattering silhouette.
  • Lastly we have our Pillar Point Dress, its a dress that we adore and know you will too. It has a classic fit and flare style, a beloved stripe pattern but to really add some style it has a necktie detail. This adds that vintage touch that is so trendy right now.

The last thing we need to complete an outfit is shoes, instead of reaching for your usual black pumps branch out a little with some trendy flats, heels or mules. Shoes are what make or break an outfit, make sure you are picking something trendy and stylish.

  • A favorite shoe of ours is the Around Town Flats, these are such a unique shoe. They are a flat style, yet still have the style and sophistication of your usual pumps. We adore the braided t-strap style and the neutral color scheme. These shoes look good with pants, culottes, skirts and dresses.
  • For our more traditional girls we have our Cara Black Mule Heels, they have that pointed toe style and a heel, but with the mule look it adds in all the trendiness to complete your outfit.
  • Lastly you can’t go wrong with heels in an office, but let your toes breathe. Our Tan Suede Laced Heels give you that heel with much more style. They feature a braided style both around the ankle and across the toes. Plus they have a chunky heel to make walking easier and more comfortable.