Legging Style For The Winter Months

The best part about leggings is how comfortable they are, you are free to move, leap, jump and anything else while being completely comfortable throughout the entire day. Plus they come in a variety of styles, colors and designs.
Not everyone is going to agree that leggings are pants, however it's totally their loss. With these few tips and tricks you can get a legging outfit perfect for any occasion on your schedule.

Cozy & Casual

This cozy, cute and casual outfit is perfect for those winter days filled with errands. When you need something that is comfortable and practical reach for your favorite pair of leggings, a graphic tee and a cuddly jacket like this sherpa. This outfit gives all the comfort of your favorite sweats without any of the slouch feeling.


  • A graphic tee is the perfect way to achieve the causal side of this outfit. If graphic tee's aren't your thing then reach for a t-shirt or laid back top. 
  • Don't forget about layers, a cardigan, jacket or any other outer layer that catches your attention. The more unique of a texture the better. 
  • For shoes you can't go wrong with a pair of sneakers or booties. 


Chic & Casual

This outfit is a little more polished and a little more put together than the cozy and casual outfit posted above. This outfit features a turtleneck and a stripe cardigan. The cardigan has a longer length for just the right amount of bum coverage. The cardigan gives you a cozy feel while also sprucing up your outfit and really making it an eye-catching. 


  • Your top should be comfortable, yet a little more polished. This gives you the chic style while keeping things casual and comfortable. 
  • Pick a cardigan with a pattern, something that catches your attention and stands out. The cardigan we picked above is the Sarah Ann cardigan, it has a waterfall style to really make this outfit adorable. 


Relaxed & Stylish

Needing to look especially cozy and chic? This is a favorite outfit of ours to pull off that effortlessly gorgeous style while barely lifting a finger. The best part is how comfy this this outfit is, with comfortable leggings and an oversize sweater you are ready to go. Plus it makes it extra comfy and cozy with a chenille sweater like this one. The oversize and longer length gives you bum coverage and that effortless vibe.


  • To pull off this look its all about the sweater, the more oversize the better. Like our Talia sweater its oversize and has a longer length. The longer length gives the perfect amount of bum coverage, so there's no need for extra layers. 
  • Booties are the way to go when it comes to shoes, it gives you the perfect wintry feel. 
  • A chenille sweater like this one gives you that sheen style that spruces this outfit up in the perfect way. 


Trendy & Cute 

This outfit is one that gives you all the polished and put together style that you can hope for. The denim jacket adds that extra sense of trendiness, while also keeping things a little more casual. For the top you can't go wrong with something patterned like stripes, plaid, polka dots or floral. To make this outfit even more stylish a mock neck and ribbed material is a must. 


  • Pattern tops are a must have to complete this outfit. It gives it a more stylish touch than just something plain or a graphic tee even. 
  • The jacket is important, you need something that has more of a structure to it. Jackets that are perfect for this are a denim style, bomber style and a military style. 


Polished & Styled

For the days that you need a more polished and put together outfit, but pants are a no go, then this is the outfit for you. It features an adorable floral blouse, plus with the longer hem in the back you get the right amount of bum coverage. You look put together and stunning while being extremely comfortable. 


  • Reach for a blouse-style top instead of your average tee. A fancier style will give you that sophisticated look you are going for. 
  • When you are picking a blouse choose a busier pattern, something that really catches your attention. The top we choose is covered with a tiny and busy floral pattern.