January Nails & Outfit Inspo

January Nails & Outfit Inspo

How can it already be January 2023? Time is going by way too fast. One thing we've found is that we can always look forward to nail day. Whether you’re going every four weeks, or when you feel like treating yourself a little, we can all agree there’s something so wonderful about nail day. Another thing we can all agree on is how long January seems to last. January is the first month without a big holiday since October and it seems to drag on.

We prefer our January nails to be bright, bold, and fun. Something to get out of the funk of the dreary January gloominess. If bright, bold, and fun is not your style, we’ve picked three nail idea and outfit ideas for you!

First up, we have these simple neutral nails. The brown is so in right now, making these so trendy. If you are in need of a break from the glam and glitter of Christmas, this look is perfect. Neutral, cute, yet still so trendy and fun! We paired these nails with these adorable, neutral floral overalls. The overalls are bold and hype up the nails. We also think this color scheme is close to perfect.

These nails are our favorite! We love how bold the colors are paired with the black and white checkers. They are just simple enough, but still eye-catching. (thanks to the color scheme). Now, this outfit is perfect for these nails. We love the black and white floral pants while tying in a bold color with the bright pink sweater. You’ll be wearing this outfit long after these nails are gone.

Lastly, with all the hype around the show Wednesday, we couldn’t leave out this dress. If you have any need for the perfect little black dress, this one is it. It’s unique, has a high-fashion style, and it’s giving us Wednesday Addams vibes. The perfect nails? Black chrome, they sound simple but once you try them you’ll be obsessed with how fun they are. There shining, simple, and still bold without even having a pattern.