How to Wear White after Labor Day

‘Rules are meant to be broken’ or so that’s what they say, but one rule that is definitely meant to be broken is old-fashioned, no wearing white after Labor Day." Back in the day, white was considered a ‘vacation attire’ and had to be packed away with the rest of summer when the seasons started to change. At My Sister’s Closet, we believe that this rule is meant to be broken, and we want to help you break it in the cutest way possible!


How to wear white after Labor Day! Rules are meant to be broken! Here are our tips for incorporating white into your fall wardrobe!

We have too many beautiful white pieces in the shop for us to follow this old-school rule. There are cardigans, sneakers, and dresses in beautiful shades of white, cream, and oatmeal (seriously, just go check out our New Arrivals.Besides, pairing white with a fall color palette is an easy way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. 

A simple way to make white feel more like fall and not feel too summery is to choose the right type of fabric. White jeans? Yes, denim is a go for fall! But white linen pants? Those may need to stay in the closet until spring. This is the same for tops - reach for thicker fabrics in white instead of lightweight cottons. Thicker knits are easy to wear in the fall and winter anyway. Grab a white cardigan, or sweater in chenille, wool, or heavy knit to hide any sort of summer vibe. 

Chunky white sweater for fall

If you feel the side eyes, or are worried about the ‘no white after labor day’ comments, add a layer to balance out the white. Pair your white graphic t-shirt with a cute shacket, or denim jacket. Grab a scarf and some booties to pair with a white sweater dress. Layering is huge in the fall and always one of the top trends, so adding an additional layer will help you seamlessly continue wearing your white as the weather gets colder.

Still, feeling unsure? Grab a cute pair of white sneakers before completely switching to booties for the season. They are all the rage right now. You can pair them with skirts, dresses, jeans, and jumpsuits because they are so versatile and give you an effortlessly casual vibe.

On top of everything else, the weather doesn’t instantly switch after the first Monday in September, so why should our closet have to? In a lot of places in the country, we have a few more weeks of warmer weather before the temperatures start to drop. That means you can enjoy all of your white pieces for as long as you want before switching your clothes to warm reds, yellows, and rusts.

This fall, the bold jewel tone colors and pastel colors are sticking around, and in our eyes, white deserves to stick around too. White is such an easy color to wear and also pair with, so why should we put it away because of some silly old rule? Don't be afraid to rock it all year long! (Check out the blog post here for more fall trends to try this year!)