How To Wear Culottes & Trousers

A huge trend this year is changing what style and kind of pants you pair with your tops. It used to be all about fancier blouses while keeping the bottom basic like your favorite jeans or a pair of black pants. But not anymore your bottoms are totally stealing the show! Now it’s all about the fancier and unique bottoms to really create an amazing outfit.

When it comes to picking a unique pair of bottoms you need to note a few style differences. The trouser style is slimming through the leg but not necessarily a skinny fit. They also tend to have more of a structured style to them think of a men’s dress pant with way more style.

Another style is the women’s version of gauchos; culottes. These are a wider cropped leg style that come in all different materials and styles. The hardest thing about culottes is figuring out what to pair them with since not only are they cropped, but they are also a wide leg style. But because of that detail you can wear them to fancier events that normally only a skirt would be appropriate.


So whether you go a little crazy and add a wide leg culotte to your wardrobe or keep it a little more tailored with the trousers, you have to try changing up your pants to give your outfit style. (Trousers found here and culottes found here.)


When wearing culottes be cautious about what style of tops you are pairing them with. Since they have a wider style avoid the peplum tops, baggier tops and over sized sweaters because they will just add to the bulkiness. You want to keep the top slimmer to avoid looking bulky or like a walking tent.  


Culottes tend to have a polished material to them to give them a more sophisticated style, however you don't always have to wear them to those kind of events. The easiest way to tone them down is by adding a graphic tee or basic tee. This is also true if they are patterned, some of the cutest outfits are when to opposites are mixed. 


You can find these graphic tee's and more here.

As we enter into the colder weather we realize this can be difficult, but reach for sweaters and cardigans that have a tighter knit or no knit at all. Not all cardigans and sweaters have the over sized fit, some will keep you cozy, add a layer and keep it slim. 


Above are our Bentley (that comes in sizes S-3X), Micah and Luna. (Also comes in S-3X). You can shop these and more here

When picking out your shoes think about what your day entails, are you heading to meetings or just running errands? To ensure you are not only dress appropriate but also comfortable, this is the number one question you need to ask yourself.

  • If you can wear a heel all day it the perfect way to elongate your legs and give your outfit a high-end and trendy style. As it gets colder opt for skinny heeled booties to continue that style right through the fall and winter months without having to put away your culottes.
  • When it comes time to wear boots don’t forget about your favorite booties. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin around your ankle. You would show some skin if you were wearing jeans wouldn't you? This shouldn’t be any different.
  • The next way we love to wear them is with your favorite slides. Since we are still in the early stages of fall the weather it shouldn’t be a problem. Now if your culottes are made from stretchy and comfortable material then this outfits is basically just acceptable pajamas. Who doesn’t love that?
  • If you aren’t a heel wearing gal, but still want the sophistication don’t worry instead reach for a pair of mule flats or cutout flats. Mules and flats have an incredible ability to give a sophisticated style while keeping you comfortable.
  • Now we can’t forget about tennis shoes, they are the perfect way to give an outfit a casual and athletic vibe. Plus they are extremely practical, so when you have a busy day filled with errands and hanging out pair your favorite culottes with a graphic tee and tennis shoes for the perfect look.




Because trousers have a slimmer leg than culottes, wearing over sized sweaters and bulky tops are not a problem. You can go with a thicker knit sweater or cardigan and not have to worry about looking bulky because of how the trousers are. They look especially cute with a longer, duster style cardigan too. 



Just because you opt for a trouser style doesn’t mean you have to dress fancy. It highly depends on what you pair it with. A graphic tee or a solid basic tee is the perfect way to tone down the pants and keep your outfit casual and playful. When a trouser has a vintage styled plaid adding a graphic tee is one of our favorite ways to wear both pieces of clothing. It takes two opposites and creates a one of a kind, amazing outfit. 


All the graphic tee's your heart desires can be found here.

Trousers are so much easier when it comes to picking shoes because they have a fit like most of our jeans or favorite pants. You aren’t having to do any experimenting to find what looks good. Our one tip is to keep your shoes minimal and in tone with what your outfit is. If you are wearing plaid trousers and going for a more sophisticated look your slides are not the option. Reach for heels, flats or even a oxford style to capture that sophisticated essence. 


Changing up your pants is a perfect way to create a million more outfits with tops you already have. We want to see some of your favorite ways to wear trousers and culottes. This trend is one of our very favorites thanks to all the versatility and different styles you can create. Just because they aren't your usual skinny jean don't be afraid to try them out, you'll probably end up loving the result! At My Sister's Closet there are so many adorable trousers and culottes for you to chose from. Check them all out here!