How to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall

Temperatures have started to drop here in Utah and we are so ready for it. In our eyes, there’s nothing better than fall fashion. You can opt for cozier tops, layering pieces, and your favorite fall booties. Plus there’s just something so refreshing about dressing for the crisp autumn air after the summer heat. With a new season comes the need for new clothes. However, with a few of these tricks you can continue wearing your favorite summer pieces through the fall. Here are some of our best tips for how to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. 

Tip One - Switch your footwear up for close toed shoes, like fall booties. Nothing can make quite the change of the tone of an outfit more than your shoes. Your most-worn summer dress is instantly more fall appropriate when you swap out sandals for a cute pair of booties. We carry some of the cutest, and most versatile booties that are sure to compliment all of your fall outfits, including trendy chunky boots, combat boots and even heeled booties. Check them out here!

Chunky Boots for Fall

Tip Two - Start to mix in a Fall Color Palette. Color plays a huge factor in ‘fall clothes vs. summer clothes’. Summer clothes typically consist of bright colors and patterns, like tie-dye. But when fall comes around, colors in clothes gravitate towards richer, deeper tones, like burgundy, and navy. To transition your summer pieces to fall, it’s time to mix the color palettes together! Take your favorite summer outfit and add in a jewel-toned accessory, like a hair scrunchie, a scarf, or if the weather permits a cardigan or jacket.

Sweater for fall

Tip Three - Combine a chunky sweater over a summer dress. It’s no secret that fall fashion is all about layering, but a trendy new style we love is throwing a lightweight sweater over a patterned summer dress, so that it looks like you are wearing a skirt with a sweater. Not only does this keep you cozy, but we love the mix of textures to amp up your outfit and it allows you to take your favorite summer short sleeve dresses into the colder months . You can go for a more cropped sweater, or tie it in a knot for a flattering silhouette.

Transition summer dress to fall

Tip Four - Accessorize with a felt hat. Just like booties, adding a felt, flat brim hat gives your outfit that effortless fall vibe. You can find the adorable hats we carry here. Get yourself a neutral colored hat and make transitioning your wardrobe a breeze. 

Felt Hat for Fall

Tip Five - Pair cozy Sweaters with Summer Denim. Don’t put away all your light wash denim just yet. Light wash or white jeans with a cozy sweater is perfect for those transitioning months. It keeps you cozy, while keeping that light summer feeling alive for just a little bit longer. 

Light Denim for Fall

Tip Six - Layer, layer, and then layer again. This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s such a simple tip that we love for transitioning your summer outfits into the fall. Layer your jumper or tank top dresses over a long sleeve or with a cardigan. Add a pair of tights to your favorite dress or skirt. Break out that denim jacket or shacket. Adding light layers with different textures adds contrast and makes your outfit interesting, while also keeping you warm. It’s also a surefire way to take your favorite summer tees and tops into fall!

Layering for Fall Outfit Idea

There are so many ways to transition your wardrobe for fall, and when your clothes are this cute we don’t blame you for wanting to wear them time and time again. If you want more tips on how to style your wardrobe for fall, be sure to check out our blog or Youtube.