Tips for Choosing a Spring or Summer Bridesmaid Dress

You’re engaged to your dream guy, and you’re starting to plan for that dreamy day. One headache that seems to happen during all wedding planning is finding the right bridesmaids dresses. It can be tricky when all your bridesmaids are so different and have different opinions on what they should (or shouldn’t) wear! You also want to make sure you choose dresses that will withstand the test of time, and not make you cringe in 30 years when you look back at your wedding photos.

First up, these are basic Picking out Bridesmaids Dress Tips 101. They apply to every wedding and every bride and will give you a good place to start as you begin your search.

  • Consider the Season
  • Not only does the style of the dress matter, but so does the fabric. Your bridesmaids don’t want to be in a thicker, form fitted dress in the dead of summer. That’s a recipe for a disaster. In the warmer months pick lighter fabrics, more breathable fabrics and consider a style that has easy movement so that your girls will feel any hint of a breeze!

  • Take the Stress off of Yourself
  • If you’re okay with your bridesmaids having different dresses, give them a color swatch and let them pick a style that’s flattering for them. Having dresses in different styles has been on trend for a while and we don’t see it going out of style any time soon. Yes the color might vary ever so slightly, but it will create the prettiest ombre look. This will ensure that your bridesmaids can pick a dress they actually love, feel good in and will wear again. 

  • Choose with the Venue in Mind
  • Really think about the vibe and overall aesthetic that you want for your wedding. If you want a rustic style wedding, silk bridesmaids dresses wouldn’t fit in that theme well. If you are getting married in a church, you would probably pass on a more casual silhouette. Your venue sets the tone of your wedding, and we recommend thinking of the bridesmaids dresses as the accessories for your venue!

    Now lets focus on the trends that are specific to 2022 that we are really loving and recommend you take into consideration while you begin your search!

      • Mix NOT Match, and not just the style of the dress, but in fabrics as well. We’re seeing patterns mixed with solids and lace being paired with silky fabrics. The options are endless and can create a beautiful depth to your bridal party. However, to ensure it’s cohesive-give them a color swatch and make sure the dresses stay in the same color family! 
      • Blue & Green Color Palletes. Use those colors together cautiously, because it might get a little too 90s depending on the vibrancy. However both of these color palettes are very on trend and would be great on their own for a wedding party. Consider a sage or olive for a green and dusty blues or slate blue if you want to go more cool toned!
      • Prints - While this is definitely more of a current trend than a timeless classic, prints are a fun way to make your bridal party stand out! We’re seeing prints like whimsical flowers or intricate embroidered bodices. This trend is not for the faint of heart, it’s bold and captivating but if done correctly it’s so beautiful and will make your photos pop!
      • Neutrals - If you aren’t going with blue or green, we recommend losing the color all together. We’re talking champagnes, taupes, and greys - they’re perfect for any season and will really pop against the vibrancy of a spring or summer venue. 
  • Luxe Fabrics. We’re seeing more silk and chiffon style fabrics that have beautiful movement. These fabrics instantly bring that glam and polished look and should be considered if you are going for a more timeless vibe.

  • Whatever dress type you choose, we also recommend checking with MSC first as you begin your bridesmaid dress hunt! We carry a variety of silhouettes and always do our best to bring in trendy colors that would be perfect for a wedding. We are also happy to help hunt specifically for a dress type if you reach out to us! Regardless, we promise to give you the best value for your dollar and a dress that you will feel amazing in!