Graduation Outfit Ideas for Women!

Graduation season is here! From May through June, everyone knows someone who is graduating from school - and we want to make sure you are prepared with some outfit ideas for graduation, whether you are attending one as a guest or as a graduate!

Graduation Outftis:

Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or trade school, it’s your time to shine. You’ve put in hours of studying, made sacrifices, and lost sleep, and it’s finally time for you to graduate and celebrate all of your hard work. This time of year is filled with graduation ceremonites, so we have picked out a series of outfits for graduation, the celebratory dinner, the after party, and even guests. 

High School Graduation

Let’s tackle dressing for a high school graduation first. High school graduation is supposed to be full of fun, memories, and growth and your graduation dress should show that. For high school graduation, you can’t go wrong with a short, twirly dress, preferably in a bold color that really celebrates the excitement of what’s to come in life. You want your dress to replicate the fun times in high school and show your personality. 

College Graduation

Whatever you get your degree in, a college degree is a huge deal and something that needs to be celebrated. A body-con dress (or skirt set) or a dressy jumpsuit is the perfect, ‘powerhouse’ style to reach for you want when you achieve your goal. Black always portrays a sense of professionalism, but a pop of color can help your personality show through. These styles are trendy but can be classic at the same time and showcase the growth achieved during a college education.

Graduation Dinner

It doesn’t matter if you're going out to dinner or having a get-together at your own house, graduation dinner or lunch is still semi-formal. This is the perfect time to bust out a colorful midi dress or a cute pants and blouse combo. You still want to look more put together and polished, but you don’t necessarily need something as fancy for this type of event.

Graduation Party 

It’s time to make up for the parties you may have skipped during your school year and celebrate your reaching your goal. Get a little extra glammed up, opt for more sparkly jewelry or a blouse with a dramatic sleeve. This outfit should be bold, trendy, and fun - it is a party after all! 

Graduation Attendee: High School

When attending high-school graduation you can be a little more casual and embrace the trends that are around - you’re going to be in a crowd that embraces it. A fun jumpsuit or colorful/printed overalls are perfect. They’re cute and trendy, yet still come across as dressed up without being an actual dress or skirt. 

Graduation Attendee: College

College graduation requires you to be a little more dressed up, but not so dressed up it’s distracting from what the actual event is all about. When dressing for graduation you can’t go wrong with a dress or skirt in solid or textured material. This instantly gives the dressed-up vibe, while being able to be made casual depending on hairstyle, shoes, and accessories. 

Regardless of what graduation event you are attending, you can trust that My Sister’s Closet Boutique will have all the trendy and affordable women’s styles for you to choose from!