Five Ways to Wear Biker Shorts

5 Ways to Wear Biker Shorts This Summer

Biker shorts have become one of the hottest trends over the last few summers and there is no sign of them going away anytime soon. We know that they can seem a little intimidating to wear, but think of them as the summer version of leggings. They are stretchy, supportive, and so, so comfortable! Just like we wear leggings as much as we can in the fall and winter, you can rely on biker shorts to be something you reach for during the warmer months of the year!

Biker shorts have become a closet staple for the team at My Sister's Closet Boutique and a must-have for the summer. They check off all the boxes for a versatile piece of clothing in the summer. They are a longer cut of shorts, so they are great for those who are looking for a more modest pair of shorts. They are easy to move around in, so they are great for all the summer activities you do, like hiking, playing pickle ball, or even taking your kids to the park. And yes, believe it or not, they can even be dressed up for a more sophisticated look!

So, if you haven't bought your first pair of biker shorts yet but are ready to take the leap, we've put together five different biker-short outfit formulas to show you just how many ways you can wear your biker shorts this summer!

Biker Short Outfit Idea One: Graphic Tee + Biker Shorts + Sneakers

Biker Short Outfit Idea for Women

This outfit is perfect for the more active summer activities you might find yourself doing! From playing pickle ball to going to the park to taking your dogs for a walk, you can trust this outfit to handle whatever activity you do in it while still looking stylish. Here, we paired out Carefree Rose Biker Shorts with our Dreamer Graphic Tee, but this formula can be easily replicated with any of our biker shorts and graphic tees

Biker Short Outfit Idea Two: Oversized Slouchy Tee + Biker Shorts + Slides

 Boutique Biker Short Outfit Idea For Summer

This is a great outfit for running errands in! The slouchy oversized tee gives you a little extra length if you want more coverage and balances out the more fitted style of the biker shorts. Plus, it will keep you cool in the summer heat. If you're looking for a good oversized tee to pair with your shorts, we recommend checking out a brand we carry called easel. Their tops are high quality and have that perfect slouchy style to them!

Biker Short Outfit Idea Three: Lightweight Sweatshirt + Biker Shorts + Sneakers

Boutique Biker Shorts for Women

The go-to outfit for those cooler summer nights spent on the coast or camping out in the mountains! The temperature can be tricky to dress for during these occasions where you want to be warm but not too warm. Pairing a lightweight sweatshirt with biker shorts is the perfect combo for that need, plus it creates the ultimate comfortable outfit! Check out our online boutique sweatshirt selection here!

Biker Short Outfit Idea Four: Cropped Top + Biker Shorts + Heeled Sandals + Gold Jewelry

How to Wear Biker Shorts This Summer

This may be the most bold outfit you can wear with biker shorts, but it's important to show you how they can actually be dressed up! You can pair your biker shorts with a slightly cropped top to keep the vibe of the outfit casual, but then add gold accessories and heeled sandals to really take it to the next level! 

Biker Short Outfit Idea Five: White Knotted Tee + Biker Shorts + Oversized Denim Jacket + Printed Sandals

Biker Short Outfit Ideas for Summer

Our favorite biker short outfit combo is this one - it's casual, trendy, and so cute! It's amazing what adding a layer to an outfit with biker shorts can do because it can really elevate an outfit and take it to the next level! An oversized denim jacket is perfect for this outfit because it balances out all of the fitted pieces underneath (the white tee and the biker shorts.) We love adding a pop of print with the footwear to really make the outfit pop! 

In case you couldn't tell, we're REALLY pro biker shorts over here at MSC! If you've been on the fence about trying a pair out, we hope these biker short outfit formulas help you give it a go! We know that a new trend can be a little intimidating to try but we truly believe everyone will love the comfortability and ease of wearing biker shorts!

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