5 Summer Style Trends to Try

Five Summer Trends To Try: These trends are hot for summer 2020 and are the perfect way to stay cool but stylish during the heat!


July is here and with it, summer & heat! We know how important it is to have pieces in your closet that will keep you cool and comfortable but also help you feel stylish, trendy, and express yourself. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite pieces for summer in this post and the major summer trends we’re seeing this year in summer fashion to help you get the best of both worlds!

5 Summer Style Trends to Try:

Babydoll Dress

You know the dress we’re talking about: easy to literally grab and throw on and get out of the door. We promise that grab-and-go dresses are essential to your July closet; you will literally want to live in them. Our favorite (and most popular) cut of a grab-and-go dress is by BomBom. It features a high and loose babydoll waist that allows the skirt of the dress to be loose and flowy around the body. This cut keeps you cool in the summer heat because the material isn’t tight across the skin - it’s the perfect breezy fit! The material is soft, stretchy and breathable, making this the dream dress for warm weather. We carry this dress in a variety of prints and colors, so there’s bound to be a style for you!

Pictured Here:

Left - Coco Cheetah Dress

Right - Kimberly Grey Leopard Dress

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Black and White Striped Tees

The classic stripe color combo is making a comeback this summer and for good reason! You cannot go wrong with black & white stripes on a tee. It takes a basic tee and adds more visual interest while still being chic and stylish. Plus, these colors will pair perfectly with denim shorts of any color or wash because they are both neutrals! And you can rely on them to be a staple in your closet as the summer heat slowly cools down and turns to fall because they layer incredibly well with cardigans and denim jackets. A win-win-win.

Pictured Here:

Right - Rachel Stripe Top

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We won’t lie: we’re thrilled that tie-dye has made such an epic comeback this summer. It’s vibrant, fun, and has so much variety within the actual style! Whether you’re into vibrant colors or a monochromatic scheme, there is bound to be some version of tie-dye for you! We love the different patterns and techniques as well: from dip-dye to vertical lines, to spirals, there are literally endless versions of this style. Plus, there’s something that just screams SUMMER about tie-dye, which makes it a must-have for every summer wardrobe this year. 

Pictured here:

Left - Ocean Avenue Hoodie

Right - Coronado Grey Tie-Dye Top

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Vibrant Embroidery

We’ve always been a fan of embroidered details on our items. It makes every piece feel chic, and high-quality. This summer, we’re seeing a lot of vibrant embroidery taking center stage. Bright colors, bold patterns, and even embroidery mixed with patterned fabric! These styles of embroidery make these pieces your summer go-tos when you need something a little more polished and special (summer date-night? Bridal shower? Garden party?) Whatever the occasion is, vibrant embroidery is the summer trend you can rely on to steal the show in the best way possible!

Pictured here:

Left - Making Memories Top

Right - Sienna Taupe Embroidered Dress

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The color of the sunshine, pineapples, corn-on-the-cob and SUMMER! While we love mustard for fall and winter, it’s time for bright and sunshiny yellow to shine! Yellow is the color of the season and the color you need for your July closet! It’s bright, cheery, and contrasts beautifully with denim shorts.

Pictured here:

Left - Kendall Pants

Right - Macie Top in Marigold

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 That rounds up our five must-try trends and styles for summer 2020! Which trend are you going to try this year? Let us know!