"Be Pink"

 As a company our favorite saying is to "be pink." Its our way to be more happy and positive! This month on the blog we want to emphasize on positivity and how each of you "be pink!" (Look below for giveaway details)

We asked 5 bloggers how they "be pink" and here is their response!  

Rachel Porter from RachelSayUmi

"I have just always been drawn to this color! I love how warm and inviting it is. I love how there are so many beautiful shades of pink - from light pink to dusty pink to a peachy pink... they are all just delightful! to me, the color pink is happy and I love wearing it year round!" Read more.



The Modest Thief

"I think the color pink reminds me of the "little girl me" - carefree and girly and proud of it! If pink were a characteristic or attitude, I'd say it's feminine and lovely. And now that I'm not so little, I think it's fabulous to be feminine and lovely and sporty all the at the same time. Pink is a exudes positivity and happiness and fun! So whoever you are, wherever you are in life... Let your inner pink shine through a little or even a lot. There's no right or wrong and I feel like everyone has a little pink in them." Read More


Jensen Jepson from Stripes in Bloom

"Pink is known as being a happy, loving, peaceful and sweet color. It represents friendship and approachability. those who know me personally know I'm really obsessed with pink......

Pink is fun and girly, it is soft and sweet.

Pink is pretty and feminine.

Pink is happy.

Pink is the kind of woman I want to be.Read more. 

Rachel Segovia from Tutu's and Heels 

"Being "Pink" to me, means to challenge that inner girly-girl we all have inside. There is nothing wrong with being super "girly".........When I think of the color pink, I also think of love and happiness." Read More. 


Kenzie Kaye

"When I think of someone who is PINK, I think of someone who is bright and bold, but also soft and sweet."

Read More

 What does being pink mean to you?