Adding Basics into Your Wardrobe

You’ve gone through all the clothes in your closet, got rid of what you didn’t love. Next you cleaned out your closet and organized it in a way that works for you. Now what? It probably feels like you are wearing the same three outfits over and over. Now’s the time to add closet basics back into your wardrobe. Plus there’s no better time to do this since My Sister’s Closet is doing a giveaway on our ‘Five Piece Staple Collection.’ It’s five items that no woman’s closet can go without.

Online Basics

Our website is full of different basics to fit everyone’s needs. We have all different types of denim. For our online basics we have, dark skinny jeans, leggings, distressed denim, high-waist leggings and high-waist denim. If you are more of a leggings girl or your love to rock the high-waist jeans, by purchasing one of these items you can get entered to win our staple collection.

Next let’s talk about tops, there are a few basic pieces that your closet has to have. To us these include, basic tees, graphic tees, camisoles, a stripe tee and of course a textured sweater. All of these tee’s can easily be layered since it is still winter here in Utah. But they continue to look good for the rest of the year. As for the textured sweater, like I said earlier it’s winter here in Utah and your closet needs a good cozy sweater.

Now for your outer layers, two basic’s of ours are a cardigan and a denim jacket. Cardigan’s add that extra sense of cozy and style while denim jackets look good with pretty much anything. Whether you want to make a dress look more casual or you need to add extra layers to an outfit, a denim jacket has your back.

When it comes to dresses or fancier items there are three styles your closet needs. 1. A fitted dress, thanks to the shape and style you instantly get a polished and more sophisticated style. This dress has your back for all those fancier occasions you have. 2. A skirt, skirts are incredibly versatile. Need something fancier? Pair it with a blouse. In need of something a little more casual? Try a graphic tee. Either way, a skirt is a must have. 3. An everyday dress, this is the dress that does it all. It can easily be dressed up or dressed down, its a dress perfect for everyday.

Last, but definitely not least shoes. When it comes to an outfit your shoes are what make or break it. We have narrowed it down to three different shoes to ensure that all your outfits look completed. Our three include, white tennis shoes, slip ons and of course booties. With these three shoes in your closet you have the basics you need to ensure a stunning outfit every single time.

In-Store Basics

If you are local to Utah and can visit our stores you’ll find these five basics and you get the luxury of trying them on. In both of our locations we have narrowed it down to five basics that your closet has to have.

  1. KanCan Jeans, this one is a no-brainer. KanCan jeans are the top of the line in denim, the material is flexible and super comfortable. Plus the fit is always stunning, whether you like high-waisted jeans, distressed jeans or just need some simple black jeans our stores have you covered. We carry a variety of sizes in our KanCan jeans from 0-15 and 1X-3X.
  2. Basic Cami, is your shirt a little too sheer, too low, or you just feel like you need a little extra coverage? Try it with a cami. In our store we carry two different types of camisoles, a regular length and a longer length for our taller girls. The material is extremely soft and stretchy so our one size fits most sizing is almost always a perfect fit. To make them even better they come in ivory, white and black. These are a definite basic that your closet needs!
  3. Pocket Tee or Curvy V-Neck. In ours stores we have a rack filled with all different colors full of our pocket tees. These tees are extremely comfortable, cute and with the wide variety of color we always have what you need. Same goes with our curvy v-necks, these two tops are perfect for creating a casual outfit or dressing up for a night out.
  4. Slipette, if you haven’t tried one of our slipette’s what are you waiting for? They come in sizes small-3X and we have a variety of short sleeves, tank top, midi length or shorter. Plus all styles come in nude or black and a few come in white. These our exclusive MSC slips that put all other slips to shame. With ours you won’t even notice you are wearing a extra layer.
  5. Lastly we have our button down cardigans, these come in all different colors to always fit your needs. Whenever you feel like your outfit is lacking, throw on a cardigan it’s the cutest way to give your outfit a little extra style and dimension.

To help you navigate our stores there will be labeled racks to show you what’s a basic piece. And if you still need help our friendly staff is there to help you find all the basics you need for your wardrobe.