A Week of Teacher Outfits

School is official back in session, but don’t worry teachers - we haven’t forgotten about your wardrobe. Here is a week of planned outfits that are cute and trendy, but still professional and perfect for the classrooml. Being a teacher is stressful enough - you don’t need to add to that stress with wondering what to wear every morning.


The start of the week! You want something to set you up for success since Monday can represent a fresh start and the kids are coming off a weekend. That means they are a little slow to focus and may be a little grumpy. Grab an adorable jumpsuit and cute mary janes for a trendy yet professional outfit. Plus, a jumpsuit takes out all of the guessing for putting together an outfit on a Monday morning. Just grab and go. 


We’re getting into the swing of the week now. For today’s outfit, we recommend these amazing pants. The pants are comfortable, yet still professional looking. They’re stretchy, have an elastic waistband, and have a trendy flare style shape. Pair it with a cute sweater, short or long, depending on the weather. Finish it off with boots! Easy to move in, but still gives you a professional vibe.


You’re half-way through the week! Let’s celebrate with a cute dress for Wednesday. We still want it to be something you don’t have to worry about, so we recommend picking a dress that is midi-length or longer, that way you can still move easily in it. Pair it with sneakers for a casual, hip look that will make it easy to stand at the front of the classroom for a lecture.


So close to Friday - you can almost taste it. Grab these mustard corduroy pants with a statement blouse or sweater vest and cute booties. This outfit is trendy, professional, and still comfortable thanks to these amazing pants. They have an elastic waistband in the back!


You made it! It’s finally the weekend so we think you should dress like it. Friday’s are for something cute yet more comfortable and maybe a little more casual. It’s not called casual Friday for nothing. A matching set is just what you need - comfy, cute and can still be professional with the right accessories. Plus, you can go home after and crawl right into bed for a nap after a long but successful week of teaching your hooligans.

Whatever grade you teach, we know that dressing for the classroom is an important and fun part of the day. It sets you up for success and allows you to express yourself to your students in a unique way. We will always have teacher-appropriate and trendy items for all of our teachers back in the classroom for this year and all the years to come.