90's Trends That Are Making a Comeback

We have all heard the saying ‘History repeats itself’ while they meant it in a much more serious way it rings true when it comes to fashion. The trends that we are seeing for 2019 are hints to the past. Some of the trending items this year are things we saw in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. With the trends coming back it makes it even harder to clean out our closet because who knows what will be making a full circle. Everyone is getting caught up in the nostalgia, retro-inspired outfits.

The first trend that has been hitting the runway is denim, all things denim, in fact the more denim the better. Denim mini skirts, denim jackets, even overalls and jumper style dresses. Everyone is wearing something denim, the more daring are pairing denim with denim to create a 90’s inspired look. Either way, denim is no longer just saved for jeans, it’s everywhere.

  • The first denim piece we have highlighted is our City Stroll Jumpsuit, this jumpsuit is capturing the vintage 90’s style perfectly. Its all denim, but then it has a cargo style all rolled into an adorable jumpsuit. This would make our 90’s babies proud.
  • Next we have this adorable denim jacket, its just what your closet needs to create a denim on denim look or spruce up any outfit. Take it from Rachel Green, adding a denim outer piece is the perfect way to finish up an outfit. 
  • This last piece completely captures that vintage style and its even easier to wear since its all in a denim color scheme. Our Patchwork Top features different patches of denim and patterns to give your outfit a one of a kind look.

The next trend that we are seeing a shift in is dresses, the tank top style dress with a layered undershirt is totally making a comeback. Since My Sister’s Closet basically has a PhD when it comes to dresses we have all different styles of this kind of dress to keep you trendy and stylish. Plus we adore how versatile this style of dress is, it can take you from a stroll in the park to a night out on the town with just a few accessory changes. Let’s dive into some of our favorites, but you can shop them all here.

  • Our first feature is our Summer Loving Dress, with its dainty ruffles, feminine shape and overall bib style this dress gives you a look straight out of the early 2000’s. With this dress you can keep it casual or dress it up for a night out.
  • This Vintage Denim Jumper Dress kills two birds with one stone; denim and a jumper dress style. However we are loving how unique that front is, instead of having a classic overall bib this one is super unique with a deep v-neck shape. Its bringing 90’s back with a little twist.
  • Our Tickled Pink Jumper Dress has a relaxed and laid back style to it which we love. To achieve a trendy style throw on a short sleeve in the summer and a long sleeve in the winter and you have yourself a gorgeous and stylish outfit.

We might be digging a little bit deeper for this next trend, but its sure to capture a trendy and stylish vibe. Jeans and pants are now making their way into a wider leg fit, not a flare at the end but a wider leg from the beginning. Most of them are a cropped, capri style, but they don’t have to be. These pants are sure to give you a vintage inspired outfit regardless.

  • Our Hamilton Culottes are perfect for capturing this yesteryear trend, they feature a soft and flexible material while still giving off a denim look. Plus we are in love with the waistband. It’s all elastic for extra comfort, but that also gives it the adorable paperbag waist complete with a tie.
  • Next we have our Amity Stripe Culottes, these ones feature a full length style with a linen-like material so you still have that breezy and effortless feel. With these pants you could go from business to casual with a change of your shoes.
  • These last pants are definitely giving off that retro vibe, they have a little more of a slim and sleek fit through the waist before the wide leg takes over. Plus how cute is the button fly detail, it gives these high-waisted pants a touch of extra style. 

This next trend is one that we don’t want to ever go away, jeans, pants and skirts are all about being high-waisted and if you’re lucky they normally have a little extra style to them. The high-waist look gives you a sleek and slimming style that everyone adores. Whether they feature a button fly closure or have a paper-bag waist, we never want the high-waisted style to leave.

  • Our Vintage Babe Shorts are giving us all the Rachel Green vibes and we couldn’t be more thrilled. They have a mom-jean style, are high-waisted, but to really set them apart they have the adorable paperbag waist that adds a little frill. (You didn’t hear this from me, but we have these same shorts coming in a white color scheme!)
  • Let’s be honest, we hope the low rise style never makes a comeback. That’s a style that can die with streaky highlights and overdrawn eyebrows. Our Scottsdale Jeans come in a few different colors but they all give you that sleek and slim high-waisted style. But to spruce them up they have an adorable five-button fly closure.
  • This last item can be worn wearever is most flattering for you, but it has that adorable ruffle detail waist that is so stylish. Our What You Want Skirt captures the 90’s vibe with its cargo style and adorable paperbag waist, complete with a tie detail.

Every 90’s girl can remember their favorite pair of flatform sandals or flip flops. They were what all the cool kids were wearing for their obvious style. Well 20+ years later they are getting the welcome back they deserve, however they have been tweaked and changed just a little to make them way better than before.

These are our Cabana Sandals, they come in both tan and black so an outfit never has to go without these. They feature a platform style as well as a super cute crisscross detailing and ankle strap. These shoes give you the best of 90’s fashion as well as today’s. If you are local to Utah stop by our stores, we have tons of flatform styles in-store and even more coming to the website shortly!

The last thing we can’t forget to mention is the beloved scrunchies that have found their way back to our hearts. They are the perfect addition to any outfit, dressy or casual and give your second (or seventh) day hair a revived look. At My Sister’s Closet we have so many cute ones to choose from, whether you like the bow style or just the simple scrunchie. 

With styles constantly changing and adjusting it will be interesting to see what styles have made their way back to the top in the next ten, even five years. While styles ares always changing, My Sister’s Closet is always on top of it and sure to bring you the best and trendiest pieces out there.