5 Ways to Style a Shacket

5 Ways to Style a Shacket

Shackets are what anyone and everyone are wearing this fall, last fall, and probably next fall. Shackets are the perfect layering piece, not quite as heavy as a coat but thicker than a button-down top. Shackets come in plaid, floral, solid, textured, oversized, slim, and whatever style you are looking for! Now that you’ve found your shacket, how should you style it? Let me share with you five ways we are styling a shacket


The outfit shown is what we would wear for a day of just hanging out, meeting up with some friends for a movie, or running a few errands. The primary goal is to basically wear this when you want to look cute and low-key. Pair this shacket with some joggers and a matching top. Any piece from your closet to create a monochromatic look. To make the shacket shine, we went with something patterned. To finish it off, add a mule or slip-on style of shoe. Here is your perfect fall, causal look!



Everything about this outfit is trendy! It’s for our girls that love to try new styles and branch out. To start, let's grab some relaxed-leg denim, not anything with a wide or flare leg because the shacket is already baggy. Next, grab a top, something eye-catching and patterned. As for the shacket, we’re grabbing something completely out of the usual “shacket”. Lastly, you can’t go wrong with cute sneakers. 


Girl Next Door

So this isn’t exactly a style, but you know what we are talking about. This shacket is cute and stylish without trying to stand out. For this style, grab a bodysuit or basic t-shirt, skinny jeans, a basic shacket, and boots. Such a simple look but so cute and stylish



Bohemian is a free-spirited style that combines textures and has an artistic vibe to it. We have the perfect shacket for this trend! You'll want something with lots of character, rich colors, and beautiful design. Grab a sweater or sweater tank if you live in warmer weather. We also think adding flare jeans and slip-on mules will complement and add to this boho look!



This one is for our athleisure girls! The sporty girls or the ones that want to look stylish, but jeans just aren’t their thing. Now depending on your style you can pick flared, or regular leggings. We gravitate to regular, so thats what we will be showing for this look. Now all you need is a basic t-shirt. We like to match leggings to make it a seamless look with an oversized shacket and sporty sneakers.