5 Tips for Easy Back-to-School Shopping

5 Tips to make Back-To-School Shopping Easy!

Whether you are starting your freshman year of high school, finishing your senior year of college, or getting back into the classroom as a teacher, getting ready to go back to school can be a hectic time of year. However, we love a good reason to go shopping and nothing means back to school like new jeans, fresh tees, and trendy shoes for your first day! Here are five tips to help make back-to-school shopping easy and fun! 

  • Know Your Style. Before you head to My Sister’s Closet Boutique, look in your own closet and take out your 5 most worn items. What are they? Maybe your most worn items are jumpsuits, or graphic t-shirts? Looking at these items will really show you what your personal style is and can help take the stress out of shopping. By laying them out you can get a better idea of what you really love, what pieces you might need to compliment them, or what pieces might need replace (if they are really well-loved.)
  • DENIM DENIM DENIM. Seriously, you can never go wrong with denim because it’s such a versatile fabric. Grab a pair of mom jeans, a denim, jacket, maybe even a denim overall dress. Having good quality denim is a must when it comes to your back to school wardrobe. At My Sister’s Closet we have a denim bar with all different pieces of denim, including classic silhouettes and trendier styles
  • Don’t Underestimate an Amazing Set. Sets have become so popular in the last few years and we are here for it. A set takes the guess work out of putting an outfit together for you because it comes with a top and bottom that already coordinates together! We also love that the monochrome look is very on trend and it can give you a really sophisticated look. You can find skirt sets, lounge sets, and short sets perfect for whatever stage of schooling (or carpooling) you are in at MSC!
  • Pick a couple trends to try. Trends come and go and it's always fun to see what ones are new at the beginning of a school year! We suggest looking at what the newer trends are and picking one to try out and shop for! We are always trying to make current trends accessible and easy to shop for at MSC by curating pieces that fit the trendier profiles and offering classic pieces to mix and match them with. A major trend to consider trying right now is grabbing something oversized. The oversized trend comes in pretty much every style, like sweaters, cardigans, mom jeans, and especially graphic tee’s. Everyone's closet. can benefit from an oversize graphic tee in their closet because they add that cute/causal vibe to any outfit. Plus tee’s don’t just have to be paired with jeans! You can pair them with a silky skirt or biker shorts which are other trends that you can shop for at MSC!
  • Don’t forget about your accessories. At My Sister’s Closet we have so many different accessories to match all the different trends and to help you complete your back-to-school outfits. Accessories help you put that finishing touch on a look and can really personalize your style. You don’t have to just stick to jewelry. We recommend adding some fun scrunchies, hair clips, headbands, cross-bodies, and hats to your closet to finalize your back-to-school wardrobe!

Whether your style be preppy, casual, trendy or feminine,  you can find pieces to fit your personal style and more at My Sister’s Closet. Make sure to use these tips to make your back-to-school shopping easy as you hit up our stores or shop online to find all the outfits that make you feel cute and confident. 
  • A bonus tip: we know how hard it can be to shop with the seasons changing. Lucky for you we have our bounce back coupon going on now when you order online. Pick up your favorite pieces now, and get a discount when our colder weather collections start to roll in.