5 Summer Accessories You Have To Have

School is out, the sun is shining and its officially time for summer! All of us at My Sister’s Closet couldn’t be more excited. Summertime means hanging out by the pool, getting a tan, having BBQ’s and enjoying being outside. Plus with summertime comes a wardrobe change, its time to exchange your dark colors for vibrant colors and bold patterns. Another thing your wardrobe has to have: accessories. This week we have it narrowed down to five accessories that you need to complete your summer wardrobe.

  1. A scrunchie is a must have at all times, but especially whens its 90+ degrees outside. Getting your hair off of your neck is the perfect way to cool yourself down, plus with a scrunchie is a little nicer on your hair while also looking cuter. With a scrunchie you can throw it up in a top knot and take it out without anyone ever knowing you pulled it up at all. This is why we love the idea of a scrunchie, the adorable patterns that we have on our website are just an added bonus.
  2. A straw bag, these were so popular last year its no surprise they are making a comeback! Thanks to the neutral color scheme of these straw bags they are so easy to pair with any outfit. Plus they add the perfect beachy, effortless vibe to any wardrobe. We have two options right now. One being our West Bay Beach Bag, this one is a larger size perfect for the pool, beach or when you just need a bigger bag. It’s a simple design with the cutest wood handle detailing. The other we have is our Grace Bay Circle Purse, this is for those times you just need to carry the essentials. It has the cutest circular design as well as a spiraled style. Plus we are loving the crossbody style that comes with this bag. Both of these bags are a must have when it comes to summer accessories, you don’t want to be caught this summer without one!
  3. Next up we have earrings, these put any outfit over the top and give it a polished, put together look. Even if that outfit is only a white tee and shorts. At My Sister’s Closet we have some of the cutest tropical style earrings as well as fringe and other styles. There is something on our earrings page for everyone. However, for summer you must have something bold, fun and exciting to make an effortless outfit really stand out.
  4. Okay, we can’t forget about shoes, we have two different styles to finish up our five accessories. The first one is a little more dressy option, the platform sandal. Thanks to the platform look you have a heel that gives you more style than just your plain Jane, slide on sandal. (Don’t get me wrong those are important too!) With a platform sandal take any outfit to the next level. It’s the perfect way to get a dressier vibe without breaking out the heels.
  5. The last accessory is one no woman can truly live without, from the busy mom to the working college student and everything in between. You have to have a cute pair of slide on sandals that you can throw on in a rush and still get more style than Jandals or a pair of Nike sandals. With slide on sandals you can easily slip them on and get on your way! Trust me, you might as well leave a pair right by the door for how often you’ll be wearing them!             

The main reason we love accessories so much is because of how they transform and set the vibe for an entire outfit. Shoes, jewelry, hair accessories and bags all have the ability to dress down an outfit, or spruce it up. Plus it allows you to wear one outfit to multiple different occasion with just changing an accessory here or there! Having different earrings, patterned scrunchies, shoes and even bags keep you from having to change your entire wardrobe when a new season comes. Instead just swap a few accessories for ones that are more in season, like all five we mentioned above! That’s just one of the ways we love to hit the refresh button when it comes to our wardrobe.

We are constantly adding new accessories to our website to help keep all your outfits unique and trendy, what are some of your favorite accessories that we may have missed?