4th of July *Aesthetic* Outfit Ideas

The month of July is easily the best summer month, especially if you’re here in Utah. There’s a city celebration or festival happening every weekend somewhere across the state. This gives you the perfect excuse to dress up in lots of different 4th of July or Patriotic-themed outfits. Today, we are bringing you outfits for different aesthetics. Gone are the days of the matching flag T-Shirts, unless, of course, you’re going for a Y2K aesthetic. 

4th of July Monochromatic Outfit Idea

The monochromatic aesthetic is more versatile than you might think. Usually, your mind goes straight to comfortable sets, biker shorts, and an oversized tee. While a blue or red set like this would be stunning, we wanted to inspire you with something a little more polished and a little less casual. Grab some white jeans and a feminine white blouse to create this monochromatic 4th of July look and use your accessories to add in pops of red and blue. 

4th of July Soft Girl Outfit Idea

Cutesy, dainty, and overly feminine describes the “soft girl aesthetic.” This aesthetic is all about pastels, florals, cutesy prints, and romantic images. (Think fruits, clouds, and other darling things) To pull off this soft girl 4th of July outfit, we recommend starting with one thing:an adorable denim dress. Pick on that has ruffles, a soft denim, and a silhouette that has movement. To really encapsulate the 4th of July and the soft girl aesthetic, grab white shoes and white accessories, and a more muted red lip.

4th of July “The 90s” Outfit Idea 

The 90s aesthetic seems to be a current favorite and the millennials are living for it. It’s an easy, casual, and super fun fashion style to experiment with. For our 90s aesthetic, you need a patriotic graphic t-shirt, we prefer one that’s a little (lot) cuter than the classic Old Navy Ones. (Sorry, someone had to say it.) Pair it with trendy wide-leg jeans or boyfriend-fit shorts to and accessorize with a bucket hat to really take it to a whole nother 90s level. We recommend finishing off your outfit with a pair of chunky dad sneakers!

4th of July Retro 80s Outfit Idea

The 80s really were a totally different time in terms of style compared to the above mentioned 90s. It consisted of bold color blocked clothing, big and poofy hair, acid wash jeans, and of course showing off your socks. There are so many adorable ways to pull the 80s aesthetic style off for the 4th of July. We recommend reaching for overalls or acid wash jeans + a cropped graphic tee in a bold color. If you want to simplify things, you could also grab a bold red dress, chunky sneakers, and cute socks. And let’s not forget about the oversized scrunchie

Whatever yours plans are for the 4th of July or any other Patriotic event you have coming up in July, we promise you that we have the perfect clothing staples for you to create a modest, trendy, aesthetic outfit!