Adding Trendy Pieces into Your Wardrobe

Posted by Danielle on 30th Jan 2019

Now that your closet is cleaned out, organized and you have added staple pieces back into your wardrobe it’s time to add in the trendier pieces to really make an outfit pop. These items are pieces tha … read more

Adding Basics into Your Wardrobe

Posted by Danielle on 23rd Jan 2019

You’ve gone through all the clothes in your closet, got rid of what you didn’t love. Next you cleaned out your closet and organized it in a way that works for you. Now what? It probably feels like you … read more

Closet Organization 101

Posted by Danielle on 10th Jan 2019

So you’ve purged your closet of anything that isn’t serving you, now what? Now’s the prime time to maximize your space and get that closet of yours organized. If your closet is organized you can get r … read more

Get To Know The MSC Marketing Team

Posted by Danielle on 8th Jan 2019

At My Sister's Closet we have some amazing employees at not only both stores and the warehouse but also at the design studio. As our company has grown so has our team, today on the blog we want to int … read more
Trashing What Isn't Serving You

Trashing What Isn't Serving You

Posted by Danielle on 2nd Jan 2019

I swear I blinked and 2018 was over, with the new year comes new resolutions and goals that people set for themselves. Whether those goals are about fitness, budgeting, education or whatever, everyone … read more