MSC Black Friday Weekend 2017

It's that time of year again! Everyone is getting ready for Black Friday shopping and I'm sure you're wondering what your favorite boutique will be up to this weekend. Many of you have asked questions on our Facebook Group, our Facebook page, and our Instagram in regards to Black Friday so we wanted to take a moment to let you know how Black Friday works around here at MSC. We first want to welcome all of our new customers who haven't shopped with us for Black Friday yet and hope that you all can shop like pros for the weekend. Are you ready for the scoop?

As we mentioned last year, we really want Black Friday to be a happy and peaceful shopping experience. Starting our sales and doorbusters online first give you just that! You can even come to one of our stores the next morning to be one of the first 50 people in the door to receive your free gift, and shop with ease. We are 100% grateful that you have chosen to shop with us either in-store or online this year and are willing to answer any questions you might have so you can feel prepared and know what to expect. Whether you plan on shopping online or in-store this Black Friday weekend, I know you will have a great time if you follow our secrets to shopping Black Friday below.

TIP #1: Know What Time Each Sale Starts
ONLINE: Black Friday’s sale & doorbusters start Thursday 11/23/17 at 8pm MST online only. 

In Stores: Black Friday’s sale & doorbusters start Friday 11/24/17 at 9am MST both locations. Doorbusters will also be available at 9 am until supplies last. THE FIRST 50 PEOPLE IN STORE FRIDAY MORNING RECEIVE AN AMAZING GIFT BAG FILLED WITH GOODIES. (Get there early! People will be lined up.)

TIP #2: Know Your Doorbusters
This weekend, Black Friday and Stocking Stuffer Saturday will have different doorbusters each day. Making sure you know which ones you want, will help you decide what day you should shop. Doorbusters will always start at 8pm (MST) the day before each sale day. This means that Black Friday’s doorbusters go live Thursday at 8pm (MST) until midnight Friday; and Stocking Stuffer Saturday’s doorbusters go live Friday night at 8pm (MST) until midnight Saturday night. I see your wheels spinning and I'm sure you figured it out…. at 8pm Friday night you will be able to shop Friday’s doorbusters and Saturday’s doorbusters together as long as they haven't sold out. Quantities are limited on doorbusters and they do go quickly.

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TIP #3: Prepare Your Cart Early
The last thing you want is to start scrolling through pages of cute tops & dresses when the sale starts only to find out the items had sold out while you were still shopping the website. So prepare early and fill up your carts, preferably after new arrivals Wednesday or Thursday before the sale starts. (Note: items in your cart reset after 24 hours.) We will remind you of this a few hours before the sale starts to fill up your carts. This way as soon as the clock strikes 12, you can just hit checkout and be the first to order!

TIP #4: Check The Availability
If you have been shopping with us for awhile then you know one of the best reasons to shop MSC is we like to keep things fresh. We don't want the whole town painted in the same floral outfit or stripe maxi dress. Our items are unique so you can be one of a kind with your personal style. Some items that you see online might be online only and not sold in the stores. If you are unsure if the item will be there first thing Friday morning, just ask us in advance. We'd be happy to tell you if one of the stores has it. At both locations we have accessories and home goods that are only available in-store so if you are shopping at our Spanish Fork store or Draper store, be sure to pick them up while you're there. 

TIP #5: Know The Sales
Black Friday, Stocking Stuffer Saturday, Cyber Monday, so many sales... which one do I shop? If you didn't know this already, Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year! We save this sale for this day only. Friday is a good day to shop if you live close by either the Spanish Fork or Draper location. Stocking Stuffer Saturday is our 2nd biggest shopping sales of the year and we will have new arrivals and new doorbusters to shop! So I wouldn't pass on Saturday just because you shopped Friday, make sure to check out the new arrivals that day! Cyber Monday is the best day to shop for our online customers (locals can shop online too!) We will add a free gift to every online purchase made that day. This year we will be focusing on our dresses for Cyber Monday! The Cyber Monday sale will be online only.

We really hope that you make the most out of the weekend! You can find something for everyone whether you need a gift for yourself, your mom, grandma, or bff! Have fun this Black Friday weekend and be safe! We really love each and every one of you, you have made our dreams come true in ways we couldn't even foresee. We are blessed to have you as customers!

Heads Up On New Arrivals
Before we leave... I want to give you a heads up about new arrivals next week. Our normal new arrival time is 8pm (MST) on Wednesdays, however, since we are closed Thursday all day at the stores, we will have new arrivals ready to shop Wednesday at 8am (MST) online and at both store locations. We will also have new arrivals Black Friday night at 8pm (MST) online & in-store and new arrivals Stocking Stuffer Saturday at 8pm (MST) online & in-store for Cyber Monday at 9am.

Follow us on Facebook and join our Facebook Exclusive Access Group for more details! Black Friday ads will be announced on Facebook 11/21/17 and doorbusters will be released throughout the week on our exclusive access group.


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